Any remedies for gastroparesis or a lazy stomach or stomach paralysis

In case of gastroparesis the stomach muscles function poorly thereby delaying the stomach emptying process. Certain dietary modifications and medication may help relieve the symptoms. The first step in the treatment of gastroparesis is controlling the underlying condition for example diabetes.

Following dietary changes are recommended besides the medications

  • Have small frequent meals. You can have 6-7 times a day but the important part is to divide your meals to improve digestion.
  • Go for low fiber foods as in the stomach fiber needs extra time and effort to breakdown.
  • Have low fat foods as high fat diet causes delayed stomach emptying, however calorie and fat rich liquids like milkshakes are allowed in small quantities.
  • If solid food is a problem, you can mechanically mash it or have it in pureed form.
  • You may need nutrient supplements like calcium and vitamin B-12 as gastroparesis interferes with digestion.
  • Drink plenty of water as gastroparesis can cause dehydration due to repeated vomiting.

answered by S P

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