My complexion is dark what should I do. And my skin is dry suggest me some homemade treatments

We all love clean; clear healthy looking skin and very often we are willing to spend lots of money on expensive salon treatments. However it is necessary to keep in mind that you could improve your skin complexion using remedies available at home. These remedies to improve skin complexion have long lasting effects and also come with minimum side effects. There are different ways to improve skin complexion naturally.

In order to improve skin complexion at home you could firstly pay attention to your diet. You need to eat well and healthy, along with giving up habits like smoking, drinking and other abusive habits that immediately show on your skin. Your diet should include plenty of vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, broccoli, kale and spinach and roughage from fruits and whole grains. Ground flaxseeds and fish give you fatty acids of Omega 3 which acts like an elixir for your skin. You should also rest well as sleep does wonders for your skin. Exercise also drains the body of toxins, cleaning and clearing your skin. Drink enough water as keeping the skin hydrated is very important. Remember to regularly clean and moisturize your skin with good quality products. You should also try to keep salon and spa treatments to a minimum as they tend to leech out the good with the bad from the skin. Use natural homemade remedies for skin lightening as they are more beneficial and long lasting.

Skin color also plays an important role in getting a good complexion. The skin contains a pigment called melanin which decides the texture of the skin; that is; how dark or light your skin would be. Just using remedies to improve your skin complexion and color is not enough. You should even protect your skin with sunscreen and other protection to save your skin from pollutants and dust.

In order to lighten your skin, you need to bleach it. But you do not need to use chemicals to do so. Natural skin lighteners for dark skin include natural skin bleaching recipes and remedies. There are natural skin bleaching products and methods you can use. There are natural skin bleach and lighteners which are home remedies for dark skin and skin lightening.

Let's look at some natural skin lighteners that work. You can use a combination of turmeric and lemon juice paste or, milk powder with honey and almond oil. Even applying blanched and ground almonds with milk is known to have a bleaching effect. Rubbing tomato slices on your faces is believed to be an instant rejuvenating and lightening effect.

Sandalwood paste with lemon extract, tomato juice and cucumber juice can help lighten skin. Rubbing raw potato slices periodically over your face helps bleach skin naturally. A face pack of dried orange peels, powdered and applied with milk can be left on the face overnight and then washed. Even cucumber juice is a known bleaching agent. Gram flour with turmeric and lemon, mixed with milk is a common body exfoliation used to lighten skin. Instead of packaged readymade exfoliators, you can use natural ones like sugar, salt and oil which add the right amount of moisture and abrasiveness to clean your skin of the accumulated dead cells. Oatmeal with sugar and milk also makes an effective scrub for your skin. Some other ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen and have lightening properties are aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, castor oil common home remedies for skin lightening face packs.

All these natural remedies for lightening of your skin will work only when the remedies and ingredients are applied regularly over a period of time. These ingredients and face packs are not like chemical procedures where the results tend to be instant. The effect of these natural remedies is also much long lasting and is usually hypoallergenic.

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