I have moles on the outside of my vagina all the way down to my anal area they are itchy and bleed. What could be the cause?

Moles on the vagina and moles generally are basically some kind of a skin disorder that are commonly observed in most people. Moles and even vaginal moles may be simply defined as an overgrowth of melanocytes which are nothing but the skin cells. Moles can be found on any part of the body of an individual including the vagina. Many people are keen on getting rid of moles as they at times create discomfort for the person and also look awkward. One of the methods of facial mole removal at home is to prepare a mixture of flaxseed oil, raw honey and some finely ground flaxseed. This mole removal remedy is known to be highly effective as it tends to soften the mole and results in the mole being uprooted eventually. Removing moles on vagina at home is also possible by applying some freshly prepared pineapple juice on the moles on a daily basis. This will result in the mole gradually falling off. Another natural mole removal treatment that is highly effective involves applying some cauliflower juice on the mole on a daily basis. This treatment of removing moles on vagina is also widely used by people and is known to eradicate the mole completely.

Another natural treatment for getting rid of moles at home is to prepare a paste of castor oil and baking soda and apply this paste on the mole just before going to bed. Those who are keen on trying out mole removal remedies at home should also keep in mind that home remedies are known to be slow and the entire process of removal of the mole might actually take a long time. A highly effective and popular home remedy for getting rid of moles is to use some apple cider vinegar. One should apply some apple cider vinegar on the mole just before going to bed at night by using a cotton pad that is soaked in apple cider vinegar. This cotton pad should be placed over the mole and then kept in place with a bandage. Since apple cider vinegar is strong, the skin around the mole should be protected by applying some petroleum jelly. This ensures that the apple cider vinegar affects the mole only. In this home remedy one will observe that by applying the apple cider vinegar on a regular basis , the mole will gradually being to get dark and then will start flaking off till it disappears completely.

Natural mole removal treatment also includes using garlic in a manner similar to apple cider vinegar. One may use some freshly ground garlic juice with the help of a cotton pad on the mole directly. In a matter of 3-4 days of regular use, the vaginal mole will flake off and reveal new pink and smooth skin underneath. One can also enable mole removal at home by rubbing some honey on the mole on a daily basis. This will soften the mole till it eventually falls off without leaving any scar. Similarly one of the effective ways of getting rid of moles is to rub some castor oil on the moles for a few days. This will help in weakening the moles and gradually causing them to disappear completely. Many a times people tend to suffer from an increase in moles on account of exposure to the sun. It is always beneficial to use home mole removal treatments rather than the other options of removal of skin moles such as the laser mole removal and surgery. Moles on vagina and moles on other parts of the body are usually not very large and circular in shape. They also tend to vary from light brown to black in color in most cases.

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