I have sore throat, severe ear aches and recurring chills. Please suggest me some home remedies?

A sore throat may be defined as an infection of the throat that causes pain and irritation in the throat, making it difficult to swallow food. Sore throat and ear pain generally occur as a result of either of either throat or ear infections. What causes earaches is the fact that there are common ducts for the throat and ears. The condition may also be accompanied by recurrent chills. There are various reasons for sore throats and earaches. Some of the sore throat causes are as follows:

  • Viral infection is one of the most common causes of sore throat and fever. Another sore throat and earache cause is bacterial infection, caused by either streptococcus or arcanobacterium bacteria.
  • Sinus damage is also a cause of sore throat and chills.
  • Other causes are side-effects of chemotherapy, oral breathing (the latter could lead to dryness and consequently soreness), polyps or cancer, food allergies, tonsillitis, smoking, and acid reflux.

When you have a sore throat, body ache, chills, earaches, and fever are some of the other symptoms that manifest. In fact, sore throat and ear pain are symptoms of most microbial infections. Some of the natural remedies for the treatment of a sore throat are mentioned below.

  • One of the most useful sore throat and ear pain remedies is to consume lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water for immediate relief. Lemon juice and honey are antimicrobial in nature, thereby relieving the infection, and the warm water soothes the affected throat.
  • For sore throat and earache treatment, you can also use mango tree bark. Prepare the extract by grinding the bark and mixing it in water, and then use it to gargle.
  • Another one of the remedies for fever, chills, sore throat, and cough is to gargle with an extract of Bishop's weeds mixed with common salt.
  • If you're suffering from sore throat, body aches, chills and fever, you can use cinnamon powder to get relief. Mix roughly grounded cinnamon in a glass of hot water; also add a pinch of pepper powder and honey. All ingredients in this blend possess antimicrobial properties, thereby having a soothing effect on your throat. As such, it is a commonly used treatment option for sore throat pain.
  • An effective remedy for the treatment for sore throat in adults is to use fenugreek seeds extract. You can prepare the extract of fenugreek seeds by boiling them in water for half an hour on a low flame. Consume the extract five to six times a day.
  • You can also cure sore throats and earaches (which happen only when swallowing) by consuming a decoction of myrtle leaves in water. You can prepare the decoction by boiling myrtle leaves in water and then straining the extract.
  • One of the most effective sore throat and earache remedies is to chew a piece of liquorice.
  • One of the remedies for sore throat, body ache, chills, and a headache is to use sage leaves. You can prepare sage extract by pouring hot water on the sage leaves. Sieve the extract and add a bit of vinegar and honey. This extract can be used for gargling. It is also an effective earache remedy.
  • You can also use tea decoctions to treat fevers, chills, sore throats, and body aches. You can prepare a decoction of fresh tea leaves, and consume it at least three times in a day. You can also pour hot water on tea bags and use the extract for gargling.
  • Another effective remedy to for fever along with chills and a sore throat is to use tamarind water for gargling. You can also consume extract of tamarind leaves and bark to relieve the condition.
  • When suffering from an infection, you must consume a lot of citrus fruits like lemon and orange that contain vitamin C. This will boost the immunity of the body, thereby relieving the affliction.
  • You must consume a balanced diet including all the nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals. A balanced and regulated diet will strengthen the immunity of the body.

Other than these remedies, there are ways to prevent the condition from aggravating. Some such cautionary measures are listed as under:

  • Avoid exposing yourself to cold weather conditions. Do not consume refrigerated foods, and also avoid cold water baths.
  • Avoid consuming fried and oily foods as oil or fats increase irritation in throat.
  • Avoid aerated or carbonated drinks. Also, you must not consume processed or tinned foods.

It is also recommended that you consult your healthcare provider for advice. There are various causes of a sore throat and its associated symptoms like ear pain, fever, chills, and body ache. As such, the key is to diagnose the cause of the condition and then treat it. Home remedies can be complemented with medication, but on doctor's prescription. Home remedies are not a supplement of medically prescribed treatment.

answered by A S

Sore Throat: For sore throat make sure you try out our remedy using milk and turmeric.

Ear Ache: If you experience earache after trying out home remedies, then I would suggest that you get yourself examined from an otologist (ear specialist).

Recurrent Chills: This could be a cause for concern as recurrent chills and earache are usually signs which may precede an infection of some kind. While you will positively benefit from trying out our home remedies, it is important to seek expert professional help to identify the exact cause for proper treatment and to avoid future health complications.

answered by P P

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