Sore throat and ear ache home remedies

A sore throat could be on account of a viral infection, laryngitis or a bacterial infection. If accompanied by a high fever that comes on suddenly , or by red and white spots in the throat, you should speak to your doctor at the earliest. You may have a case of strep throat in which case you may need a course of antibiotics.

If the sore throat and ear ache are interrelated, it does sound like you may have an infection. If the infection is viral, you will need to wait for it to recede on its own. Here are some natural remedies to give your relief in the meanwhile:

  • Suck on lozenges containing zinc or phenols. They help keep the throat moist and hydrated
  • Use a nasal spray containing xylitol ( a natural sugar) which has antbacterial properties. This will help clear up an ear infection as well.
  • Inhale some steam through a vaporizer
  • Try and keep your environment humid by using a humidifier or by keeping some potted plants in the house. A simple way to humidify the environment is to pour some water in a spray bottle and to spray in the air every hour or so.
  • Take some ginger tea or ginger juice with honey
  • Gargle with some salt water. Do this every hour or so for immediate relief
  • Drink chamomile tea. It helps soothe the throat.
  • For the ear ache you can put in a few drops of mullein or garlic oil.Garlic oil can be made up at home with some olive oil and a few cloves of mashed garlic.

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