How to get rid of a painful toothache

A toothache is any soreness, pain or discomfort around or within a tooth. It may be caused by many problems such as dental cavities, gum disease, a cracked tooth and so on. Before visiting a dentist, you could try out some home remedies for toothache pain. These home remedies for toothache pain are given below:-

  • Using an icepack: This is among the well known and effective home remedies for toothache pain. Simply hold the ice over the affected area and keep it there. Ice also helps to deal with throbbing tooth pain as it suppresses the pain at the nerve endings.
  • Garlic: Place a clove of garlic with some rock salt on it, on the tooth. This will help to relieve tooth pain.
  • Clove: This is also among the popular home remedies for toothache. You can either apply clove oil to a decayed tooth, or rub the oil over the affected tooth. Another alternative is to chew the clove. Clove has analgesic properties which will help to reduce the soreness.
  • Lime: Eating a raw lime, along with the peel can help to cure tooth pain. Lime is an effective home remedy as it is a rich source of Vitamin C.
  • Asafetida: This is also effective in alleviating the pain. Mix half a spoon of asafetida with some lemon juice. Warm this paste and apply it on the tooth. Use cotton to do this.
  • Onion: An onion has bactericidal properties and has long been included in the list of home remedies for toothache pain. Place a slice on the affected area for relief. Chewing on onions regularly can prevent and control toothaches as well.
  • Pepper powder: A mixture of pepper powder and clove oil can also be applied to the affected tooth for toothache relief.
  • Real vanilla extracts: Put some real vanilla extracts onto a cotton wool ball. Apply it to the inflamed area and you will find that it helps to numb it.
  • Peppermint: Take about 5 grams of peppermint, half a tablespoon of salt. Add this to one cup of water and boil the mixture. When this mixture cools a little (it should be lukewarm), drink it. This will help to eradicate the pain.
  • Bay berry: Make a paste of bay berry with vinegar. Apply this on to the tooth as it will help to relive the toothache.
  • Oats: If the toothache is due to an abscess in the gum, applying oats will help to draw the pus out and relive the pain too.

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