What can I do to delay my period?

It is possible for a woman to delay her periods naturally. However, periods are a part of your body’s natural reproductive cycles, which is why these methods should only be resorted to as a last measure for important occasions. It is suggested that you first consult your gynecologist before trying any of these natural methods.

The process of delaying your periods is known as menstrual manipulation and it uses hormones to control the date of your period. There are several such ways to delay your periods.

The first method is known as “stacking” and uses the standard birth control options such as the pill, the patch or the ring. Stacking is a process whereby you skip the fourth week of your protection and instead use the first week from the next month’s pack. What this means is that if you are using the pill, you should use the first three weeks quota consisting of active pills. Then discard the monthly pack and start using the active pills from the next month’s pack. In case you are using the ring or the patch, skip the week where you would not normally use the product and instead begin using the next month’s supply. According to doctors, the process works because there is no withdrawal of the hormones which would normally cause menstruation.

Natural progesterone cream can also be used to delay the onset of your periods. The hormone progesterone is responsible for regulating your periods. Its levels rise during the first half of your cycle and fall during the second half. The fall in the levels of this hormone is the trigger for your periods. Applying progesterone cream during the second half of your cycle can prevent your progesterone levels from dipping, thus fooling your body into suppressing your periods. When you are ready to have your periods you can discontinue the cream.

There are many different brands of birth control available that can enable you to have your periods once every 3 months to once in a year. These brands use the same principle of stacking by not containing inactive pills and make it easier for you to follow due to their packaging.

There are many traditional methods used to delay periods, usually involving your diet. Eating spicy food is one such example. However, none of these methods have been proven scientifically and there is no guarantee that your period will be delayed.

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The Birth control pill is the only known method to delay the onset of menstruation.Menstruation starts only on skipping the intake of birth control pills.But,it is not a sure fire method given that it responds differently on different people.There no known home remedies that can cause delay in menstruation and it is also considered avoidable to manipulate one's natural cycle.

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