Advice On Body Heat: How to control body heat in natural way? Are there any foods that helps to lower body heat?

Body heat is usually caused by consuming foods that provide a lot of heat for energy. There are a number of ways to reduce body heat, the most common of these being the consumption of plenty of water to cool the body down. There are various other fruits and vegetables that can be consumed in order to reduce body heat as well. Barley water, cardamom, butter milk and the juice of grapes and grape fruits are also well recommended food that help to lower the heat of the body. People who have high body temperatures and body heat are susceptible to the occurrence of nose bleeds on a frequent basis.

Lowering body heat is an effective way of avoiding the occurrence of heat boils that can be extremely painful and rather irritable as well. Relaxing the mind and the body by vacationing in a place with plenty of trees and water around is also a very effective method of reducing body heat. In order to reduce body heat, it is best recommended that people avoid the consumption of extremely sour or spicy foods. The consumption of alcohol is also best avoided as it tends to dehydrate the body, thereby increasing body heat.

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What causes high body heat?

Under normal circumstances, the human body temperature is supposed fluctuate around 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit. There are various body functions such as metabolism and sweating that help to heat and cool the body so that this temperature is maintained. The most common causes of body heat are infection and improper cooling. When the body suffers from an infection, it often raises its own temperature while fighting the condition. This results in fever. The reason the body does not sweat during fever is that it seeks to maintain this high temperature while fighting the condition. Sweating and the resulting cooling effect occurs only once the body is recovering.

Improper cooling may occur as a result of dehydration or insufficient ventilation around the body. The individual may also suffer from excessive environmental heat which means that the body cannot cool itself down. Body heat symptoms include diminished consciousness, fatigue, sweating, considerable thirst and diminished muscle performance. Excessively high temperatures will lead to the failure of body functions one by one. The brain will get damaged if it is exposed to temperatures consistently above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is necessary to deal with excessive body heat immediately. Patients must be bathed in cold running water to help reduce their temperature before a diagnosis is performed.

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How to control body heat in natural way?

Body heat can cause a large amount of discomfort and irritability to people. Knowing how to cool the body and reduce body heat is a very effective way of achieving peace of mind and comfort. Body heat is generated by the kind of food that is consumed and therefore it is recommended that spicy or sour foods that contain large amounts of vinegar are avoided. Home remedies to reduce body heat include the consumption of butter milk, or curd products that help to cool the body. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is another effective way of ensuring that body temperature is kept low.

Treatment for body heat includes cooling the body by taking a cold water bath as also vacationing in a cool area with plenty of trees around. One could also do this by changing your lifestyle so that the consumption of foods that generate heat is avoided to a certain extent. Alcohol tends to cause dehydration in the body and should therefore be avoided in order to lower body heat. Undertaking relaxing activities such as a visit to a spa or a relaxing body massage are other effective methods of lowering body heat, which would otherwise lead to more serious complications.

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Are there any foods that help lower body heat?

The consumption of food is essential to provide the body with nutrition which is used to generate energy and sustain various body functions. It has been found that some foods produce more heat in the body while others provide a cooling effect to the body. During summer months, food to reduce body heat is preferable as this helps to maintain a healthy body temperature and, therefore, good health and energy levels. Generally speaking, food with good moisture content is considered to be cooling food. Thus vegetables and fruits are some of the best foods to reduce body heat as they do not boost the rate of heat production in the body.

Some specific body cooling foods include watermelons, water chestnuts, lettuce, cucumber, barley, pears, strawberries, yoghurt, tomatoes and bananas. These foods help with the process of cooling while also being extremely nutritious. This list is not complete; one can always speak with a family doctor to find other alternatives for cooling foods. One can also avoid body heating foods such as mangoes, oranges, grapes, pepper, chili and most forms of meat. One must not avoid these foods completely. However, in warmer months, it may be beneficial to consume moderate quantities of these foods while focusing on foods that help to cool the body.

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If the temperature is rising all around you, reducing your body heat is very important. If you are wondering how to reduce body heat, the first thing to know is that sweating really helps. Our body is designed to naturally lower its temperature in case the temperatures around it are increasing. Summers are the time when the body has to make use of its natural cooling systems the most.

How to Reduce the Body Heat?

When the body does it naturally, you sweat a lot. The sweat glands are designed to reduce the heat from your body by evaporation. A lot of people are not very happy about all the sweat, but the truth is that it is a normal and natural way of maintaining healthy body heat. If you are planning to reduce body heat with home remedies, the first thing is to reduce your exposure to the sun. The sun has a way of dehydrating you and creating an electrolyte imbalance in your body. The strength of the body becomes totally lost during this time and you will feel fatigued all the time. To improve your condition, you should ideally try and stay hydrated. If you do not, the dryness around you will dry up your skin and cause eczema. Dehydration also causes a lot of other health complications.

If you do not know how to control body heat yet, there are ways to do it. The juices of oranges and grapes should be consumed regularly if you are planning to maintain an average body temperature. There are some fruits such as bananas, jackfruit, watermelon, pineapple, and lemon, which help you maintain your electrolyte balance and also allow your body temperature to remain in the ideal range. Such fruits are the best home remedies for body heat. Apart from the foods to reduce body heat, you can also use a lot of fluids. Coconut milk and lemonade are some of the drinks which can really help you keep your body heat in check. Your doctor can also tell you how to reduce heat in the body in a way that will not harm your body. A proper diet can help you reduce body heat naturally. Along with consuming these fruits and fluids, try to remove pungent foods from your meals. Salty, sour, and pungent foods should be avoided because these can dehydrate your body. One of the best tips to reduce body heat is to drink a lot of herbal teas and water based drinks. Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake because that can make you dehydrated. You can reduce heat in the body by consuming buttermilk and yogurt as well.

How to Reduce Body Heat Using Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, the kafa, or the water in the body, can be seriously compromised due to increasing temperatures. Make a drink using water, sugar, salt, and lemon juice and consume it every three to four hours when you are in the sun. The salts and the sugar keep the electrolytes in check, while the water and the lemon juice keep your cells hydrated. If you are wondering how to reduce body heat during pregnancy, this same thing can be applied there as well.

How to Reduce Body Heat for Men and Women

Body heat for both men and women can be reduced using vitamin C based foods. Another great way to keep your body heat regulated is to be in areas which are surrounded by a lot of greens and water bodies. You should also avoid exposing yourself to the sun for long periods of time, as that can cause dehydration. Sleep for a few hours during the day time to bring your basal temperature to the normal levels. If you have been wondering how to reduce body heat in summer, this is one of the best ways. Sandalwood paste can help you regulate your body temperature. To make this paste, you can use sandalwood powder and add rosewater to it. Mix the ingredients until they have a pasty consistency, then apply the mixture to your back, chest, neck, and face. A cold water bath every day is also good for your body.

Consume vegetarian foods as meats can produce heat inside the body. There are some people who may feel the effects of heat more than others, and if you are one of them, you will need to ensure that all measures to regulate your body temperature are taken. Eat well during the day and consume a small meal in the night to maintain body temperature. Eat lots of foods with high water content in them to keep your organs hydrated. Avoid smoking as it tends to dehydrate you and consume lots of barley. You can add barley to dough and even add it to buttermilk to make a cooling drink. Avoid vinegar and nuts as these are acidic in nature and generate heat in the body.

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Try this to reduce body heat
  1. Take a mixture of 2 teaspoons indian gooseberry juice with honey.
  2. Mix milk, almonds, turmeric powder and drink it.

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