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The pain relief product industry is growing at a rapid pace. Pain relief products are some of the most widely used pharmaceutical products in the world. Pain relievers such as pain relief ointment, pain relief lotion, pain relief pads and so on are usually prescribed by a doctor in cases where pain is severe and unbearable. However there are many individuals who are dependent on these drugs. The dependency reaches such high levels that such people need to take a pill or two on a daily basis. This leads to a deterioration of health as any drug when taken for a prolonged period of time adversely affects the health. Narcotic prescription drugs have the most serious side effects when taken continuously. Not all pain relievers are narcotic and addictive. Some products such as anticonvulsants and paracetamol are narcotic and could lead to addiction. These must not be taken for minor pain and discomfort. Abuse of such products can produce symptoms similar to the ones you are trying to avoid. Pain relief products that are non-narcotic are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. It is commonly believed that these drugs are not as effective as narcotic drugs. However this is not true and the plus side is that these do not lead to habit formation.

The treatment of pain can also be done through topical application. These penetrate the skin's epidermal layer and release certain chemicals. These chemicals have a soothing effect that calms the tense nerves immediately. Pain relief applications work much faster than oral treatment and are also very effective. However, these too must not used on a continuous basis. Topical pain treatment comes in the form of creams, patches, lotions or gels. These can be applied directly over the affected areas. There are different types of pain relief creams which are commonly used to treat pain, especially arthritis pain. Counterirritants are those applications that make the skin feel cold or hot. They help to distract the senses from the pain, thereby providing temporary relief. A pain relief rub which has similar pain-relieving qualities to that of aspirin, is known as a topical analgesic. It also reduces inflammation once it is absorbed into the skin. There are also some creams that contain capsaicin. These work by reducing the levels of a chemical involved in pain messages. Many people with osteoarthritis obtain benefit from using a pain relief gel that contains NSAID. This type of gel may be rubbed into affected joints 3 to 4 times daily. It may produce side effects such as redness and rash.

back pain is one of the most commonly experienced problems today. Other than drugs and topical applications, there are also certain other products that are used to alleviate back pain. A back pain relief machine such as the TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is considered to be effective. In order to provide pain relief, TENS recognizes sore spots and enables the brain to transmit a motor function that allows the affected area to be rubbed. Magnetic pain relief is also practiced by many, although its effectiveness is still being debated. Pain relief magnets work by applying a magnetic field to the body and this is believed to have health benefits. Such products include pain relief bracelets, magnetic straps and also magnetic blankets. There are some pain relief shoes which have special insoles that are believed to provide magnetic pain therapy. Back pain can also be relieved with the help of special pain relief equipment. A back pain relief mattress or an adjustable bed helps to provide support to the back. One can also make use of a back pain relief pillow to prevent neck and upper back tension. Many people affected with back pain experience benefit from orthotics, which are shoe inserts that aim to enhance foot function. Some of these back pain relief shoes also provide good shock absorption and functional control. Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce back strain and encourage correct posture. An example of a back pain relief chair is the kneel sit knee chair which aligns and balances the body so that strain on the back is alleviated. Many people, especially older individuals prefer to wear a back pain relief belt. This belt provides adequate support for the back and also relieves pain.

The pain relief ladder was created by the world health organization to regulate ways of pain control. It was designed for managing cancer pain, but is now used for all types of pain. The main principle of this concept is to begin at the lowest rung of the ladder and then climb higher if the pain persists. Over the counter drugs are prescribed for the bottom rung of pain and opioids are prescribed for the highest rung. Natural pain relief products are being increasingly used by people who want to avoid drug dependency. These products include essential oils and herbs. Acupuncture is also becoming popular as a form of pain relief.

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