Please suggest a remedy that will provide quick relief from severe knee pain.

It is a natural human tendency to ignore a number of essential parts of the human body until the point of time that they are ether damaged or unable to perform as required. We take a number of limbs and organs located in our bodies for granted on a daily basis and seem to be quite upset when, over the course of a number of years of ill treatment, they start to fail us. One of the most common problems that people face is the occurrence of knee pain. Knee pain can be caused by a number of factors and variables.

Factors like your age, the recent experience of a traumatic event in which your knee was affected or even identifying if the pain was building up gradually over a period of time or whether it was suddenly prominent, will all help identify the root cause of the condition. This will help you treat it more effectively. You may very frequently experience a popping or snapping within the knee. This is rather common and is not considered to be a symptom of any major problem. However, if these pops are associated with significant pain, it may be best to analyze the knee in more detail. When the cartilage has been worn away, the patient may experience some grinding or crunching whenever they move the leg.

This is commonly found in people affected by arthritis while other individuals may also experience their knees 'locking up' when trying to straighten their legs. Whenever affected by severe knee pain, you should first try to lose any excess weight, thereby making sure that your knee is not under additional strain caused by the excess body weight. To put things into perspective, when you are overweight, with every step you take, you are exposing your knees to a force equal to one and a half times your overall weight. It is also essential to choose the right footwear as this will allow the body to better redistribute its weight. When you wear heals over an inch in height, the body will project forward and expose your knees to higher amounts of stress. Making a warm paste by using wheat, turmeric and castor mixed with goat's milk and applying it over the affected area for a considerable period of time will prove quite beneficial in making your knees stronger. You could also try creating a paste from leaves of rasna, sandal, country mallow and black phaseolus to equally good effect.

answered by G M

  • Rub clove oil mixed with coconut oil gently over the affected knee muscle; this will provide relief for knee pains.
  • Ginger has excellent pain killing properties. Include liberal amounts of ginger in your daily diet.
  • Maintain an ideal body weight, as even one extra pound puts a load of approximately 6 pounds on your knees.
  • Be physically active to keep the muscles and ligaments in the knees to remain fit. Sitting in one corner crying with pain whole day wont help.
  • If your knee pain is due to some injury then follow 'RICE' method. Rest till the injury heals. Apply ice, compression and elevation. Keep your leg in an elevated position for 20-25 minutes for better circulation.
  • If there is a swelling in your knee which is the cause of pain, never use heat compresses, always prefer ice compression for the same.

answered by S P

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