What can you do for a torn ligament?

All of our joints have ligaments around them as it is these soft tissues that allow you to move your joints, bringing both motion and flexibility to it. The articular capsule, which is essentially the ball and socket joint, helps stabilize the joint and give it a range of motion. If the joint is twisted, injured or overstretched, the ligament may get injured or torn. The torn ligaments in the foot not only curtail its range of motion, they also cause pain and discomfort.

When you tear a ligament, you would usually hear a snapping sound. This causes swelling and bruising in your feet. The movement of the joint becomes restricted, and you may even be able to see a dent where you have torn the ligament. Athletes are most susceptible to this condition, and if you are planning on performing any strenuous movements, it is best to take certain precautions. Tennis, sprints and squash are some of the strenuous movements that need some precautions. Protect your ankles and joints with elastic bandages. These can help absorb shocks in your knees and ankles, offering you better protection against strain injuries and overstretching. To heal torn ligaments, you would need to rest your foot completely.

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Ligaments are fibrous tissues that are present in the form of tough bands. These are present around the joints especially, as they allow the joints to stretch and give your leg some motion. Unexpected twists of joints can cause these fibrous bands of tissues to get severely damaged and torn. Ligament injuries range from stretching, tearing or a complete rupture of the tissues.

Torn ligaments and tendons are a cause for lot of grief for most people. Those who experience a ligament injury may have difficulty in walking and putting their weight on the injured foot. Additionally, there may be bruising and swelling at the site of the injury.

Usually torn ligament treatment requires painkillers and lot of bed rest. The ligament needs to be given some time to heal on its own. Usually, if you give it a rest for about four to six weeks, you would be able to recover in time. There are varying degrees of injuries to the ligaments, and in case of severe injuries, you would require about eight weeks for the injured ligaments to heal. If the joint slips out and dislocates, the injury is usually more severe and longer lasting. It would take a longer time to heal completely.

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What are the symptoms of torn ligaments?

If you have a torn ligament, there are many different symptoms you would experience. Ligaments are present in all the joints, and usually since joint injuries are rather common, the ligaments may get overstretched or torn occasionally. While ligaments are powerful, they can severely impede joint movement if you injure them. Here are some of the symptoms of a torn ligament in the foot:

  • The first symptom of the condition is a slight popping sound, with a sensation of a tearing in the tissue. This popping sound occurs due to a rupture when the ligament snaps or pops. Apart from the popping sound, there is also considerable pain.
  • Even if you do not hear a popping sound, in a torn ligament, there is a lot of pain in the foot. Whether you have damaged the ligament partially or completely, there will be considerable pain accompanying it. The pain not only comes from the torn ligament, but may also involve the surrounding muscles and tissues.
  • Restricted movement of the joint is one of the other symptoms of a torn ligament in the foot. Since the ligaments help stabilize the joint, a tear or rupture in the tissues may cause alteration in the range of motion of the joint. If the ligament tear is severe, the joint may become completely immobile.
  • Among other signs of torn ligaments in the ankle is bruising and numbness.

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Can torn ligaments be repaired at home?

While the body’s tissues are in a state of constant growth and repair, the ligaments are not the same. Your ligaments heal much slower than normal tissues in your body. These tissues are also extremely difficult to repair, especially when you are seeking home treatment.

Repairing torn ligaments is not as easy as it may seem at the outset. In fact, it has posed a significant challenge in the past. If the injuries are very small, these will heal on their own in time. However, this will require you to take some time off work and get complete bed rest. If you put weight on your injured foot, it would cause you a lot of pain. It would also eventually cause a decline in the range of motion of your joints.

There are torn ligament exercises that can help you gain greater range of motion, but these do not necessarily treat the condition completely. In case the injuries are very severe, you would need to have a surgery to remove the torn ligament or to get a graft for repair of the tissues. The ligaments that are the most difficult to repair are those around the knees. For minor injuries and tears, you can apply icepacks to reduce the swelling and treat internal inflammation.

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  1. Just take care and avoid mobility of the limb for some time
  2. Avoid stepping hard on the ground.
  3. Do not run or jump. If necessary take orthotics of suitable type.
  4. Take a homeopathic remedy called as Rhustox 30 5 pills 2 times daily for 15 days.
  5. Follow up with another homeopathic remedy called as arnica montana 30 5 pills once bed time daily for 15 days.

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