Remedies for dark skin on underarms thighs and neck

Having dark pigmentation on the neck and underarms and thighs can be depressing, especially if the person is of fair complexion. The individual may feel conscious while wearing sleeveless tops, miniskirts or deep neck tops if these patches are visible. The dark pigmentation occurs due to increasing dead cells that appear on the surface, profuse sweating, overexposure to sun, frequent shaving of underarms, friction due to wearing of sleeveless tops on the under arms, allergy due to wearing of certain metal or oxidized necklace on the neck, improper washing of under wear, or friction due to skin tight skirts on the thighs, uncleanliness leading to settling down of dirt on the skin, heavy use of deodorants and sprays.

  1. Prevention of dark skin on under arms:
    • Avoid shaving your underarms, waxing is preferable. Regularly apply coconut oil on the underarms.
    • Prepare a paste of 1 tbsp curd, 1 tsp gram flour, 1 tsp milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it on the under arms. Wash it thoroughly with water after it dries.
  2. Prevention of dark skin on neck:
    • Regular cleansing and scrubbing on the neck with a soft brush can improve the circulation and remove the dead skin. Apply any topical lotions on the neck. This will make the skin supple and smooth.
    • Extract juice from finely ground fenugreek leaves. Mix this juice with gram flour or any powdered sprouted legumes. Apply this paste on the neck. Keep it for 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly.
    • Dip a towel in hot water. Squeeze the towel to remove excess water and place it on the neck for few minutes.
  3. Prevention of dark skin on thighs:
    • Wear clean cotton under garments. Clean the thighs thoroughly to avoid dirt or sweat from settling on the thighs.
    • Apply the starch that you get after boiling the rice on the darkened areas of the thighs for 15 minutes. Wash it with water.

answered by J M

An effective way to safely lighten dark skin without resorting to chemical peels or harmful bleaching agents is the use of ingredients found in the spices section of most grocery stores. One such spice is turmeric. Try making a paste of unsweetened, milk cream and turmeric powder. Take two tablespoons of milk cream; add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a few drops of rose water to make a paste with the consistency of clotted cream. Apply this paste liberally to the desired areas. Leave it on till it becomes dry and then sponge or wash it off with a soft cloth. You can also blend turmeric powder with some sandalwood powder and plain, unsweetened yogurt to make a similar paste and apply it to your arms, legs and neck.

You could also try rubbing all these areas with half a lemon. Lemon juice is useful in depigmentation and lightening of skin and doing this everyday can help. Another body pack you can try at home is a mixture of plain, unsweetened yogurt and gram flour. Apply the paste and leave it on till it dries. Using a dry loofah or soft sponge rub using circular motions, and then wash off with water.

answered by G R

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