I have loose concentration. How to improve it?

The problem of a weak concentration is not really an ailment or health problem unless it poses a threat to your well being or is the result of a specific psychological disorder such as attention deficit disorder. In most cases a lack of concentration is not a health problem, but a psychological one. This however does not mean that there is nothing you can do. Do keep in mind however that any success at improving your concentration will depend on the sincerity and dedication you put into the practice.

Concentration problems that are very severe, to the extent that they can disrupt and interfere with your normal routine may call for the treatment and counseling of a skilled psychologist. In most cases changes to your daily routine, indulging in certain meditative practices and better time management can help achieve the goal. Before you try focusing on tasks you do not enjoy, try and build your concentration when studying or working on tasks of interest to you. Make sure that there are no distractions around initially, and also try to set realistic targets and motivational rewards for yourself. For example, if you manage to achieve a predetermined target within the assigned time, you could reward yourself with a half hour TV break or so on. These strategies will of course not really build concentration entirely, but help to improve your focus and reduce distraction. In addition to these basic ideas there are a number of simple strategies that you can try out to stimulate the mental faculties and keep your mind not agile, but also focused and disciplined.

Try and take up a discipline like yoga. This would be the best and most effective e strategy you could adopt towards developing your concentration. Yoga is not really as complicated as it seems so don't balk at the idea. Although the poses may appear to be the exercise of a contortionist, yoga comprises of a variety of exercises, and any session would be suited to your capabilities and needs. While there is obviously a focus on physical health and fitness, yoga is so popular and effective as a fitness discipline because it does not restrict itself solely to the body, but also attends to the mind. Yoga's emphasis on meditation strengthens the mind and hones skills of concentration more than any other discipline. These benefits are not only derived from the meditative practice, but are also in a way integral to the overall routine in itself as concentration and discipline are essential for practice and are also developed through a yoga practice.

Apart from yoga other strategies and lifestyle factors that are important include fitness levels for which regular exercise would be essential. A disciplined lifestyle with a regular organized routine would also be necessary. Make sure that you get adequate sleep at fixed times on a daily basis. Meal timings should likewise be regular. Also try and follow a healthy balanced diet, as this does have some effect on your moods and mental focus. An important strategy to keep your mind agile and focused is to also keep it well stimulated. Do not allow for stagnation and keep reading and researching subjects of interest to you. Solving problems and quizzes or other brain teasers also helps keep your mind focused and sharp.

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