I have a row of pimple like bumps on my outer genital area; the doctor told me that it is in-grown hairs. Is there home remedy I could use to get rid of this problem?

Ingrown hairs are common and especially in the genital area. The best way to get rid of them is with tweezers, simply open up the bump and release the ingrown hair. You will then need to treat the open bumps with a disinfectant like Echinacea. After you have removed the ingrown hairs, it is time to prevent this from happening again!!

The best way to do this is to exfoliate regularly and use plenty of moisturizer to help keep the skin soft. If you shave the effected area, try using an all natural wax instead or be sure to shave in the direction the hair naturally grows to avoid disturbing the hair follicle. As part of prevention, make sure you drink plenty of water to help keep the skin hydrated. Treating the skin with calendula cream after you shave or wax will help deal with any irritation to the skin. You can also use cocoa butter lotion instead of shaving cream or shaving lotion. This delivers a very close shave and hydrates the skin. It is also very helpful for easing the sting after waxing and helps the skin to heal without ingrown hairs. If you have an area that is stubborn about the ingrown hairs, apply pure shea butter to the area after shaving or waxing.

answered by R P

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