Garlic And Hypertension

How can diet help in controlling high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is usually caused due to stress and poor lifestyle choices. If you are overweight, you are more prone to developing high blood pressure than those who are in the normal weight range. For controlling high blood pressure naturally, it is important to give some consideration to your lifestyle and your diet.

A diet to control high blood pressure usually requires you to cut down on salt drastically. A lot of studies have showed that a high sodium diet can cause a spike in the blood pressure. There have been studies which even show that the less sodium you consume in your diet, the more control you have over your blood pressure.

In other experiments, it has been seen that nutrients like magnesium and potassium can also be used to lower blood pressure. Foods like legumes, white meat, nuts, and fresh fruit are usually high in all of these nutrients. Additionally, you should also consume foods which are high in fiber. Avoid consuming refined flours and starches. Consume whole grains, brown rice, and whole wheat bread.

Avoid consuming too much salt as high sodium is bad for your blood pressure. Following a low sodium diet for many years can help you get total control over your blood pressure.

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Are there any home remedies for people experiencing high blood pressure?

There are a lot of natural home remedies for high blood pressure. Since the foods that you consume affect your blood pressure in a lot of ways, it is important to take care of your diet in order to keep your blood pressure in control.

Your blood chemistry and blood pressure can be controlled with the help of the right kind of diet. Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to consume bland boiled foods for the rest of your life. A DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is a great natural treatment for high blood pressure. This diet is low in saturated fats. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as low fat dairy foods.

Choose whole grains over refined foods as these are much healthier. Eat four to five servings a week of seeds, nuts, and dried beans. Substitute high fat foods with low fat foods. Low fat mayonnaise, margarine, olive oil, and other such low fat alternatives can be really healthy. These help control your cholesterol levels and therefore keep your blood pressure in check.

Cut back on salt as much as possible. High sodium may cause hypertension and high blood pressure. Consume foods which are high in potassium and magnesium as these too can help you lower blood pressure.

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Garlic is relatively safe for taking on an empty stomach, however, those with weak stomachs or those prone to acidity, heartburn or peptic ulcers should avoid this remedy. The proper way to digest garlic in the morning is half a teaspoon of dry garlic powder, or two cloves of garlic taken daily in the morning.

The garlic cloves should be soaked in fresh milk (just enough to cover them) for one hour. They can be chewed or just swallowed.

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