Quick cure to heal sun poisoned lips

Aloe vera gel is the best remedy. Calamine can also be beneficial.

answered by r k

Apply any one of the following

  1. A paste made by mixing milk or milk cream with turmeric powder ( 1 tsp milk + 2 pinches turmeric).
  2. Honey+lemon juice equal mixture.
  3. Mixture of margosa leaves, holy basil leaves, honey, turmeric powder. All equal. Grind into a paste and apply.

answered by S B

Ice and anything that will help the itching like benadryl.  We have been thru this and tried everything. Ice is all that worked.

answered by n

Find a fresh aloe plant and slit open a two inch piece of the plant. Let this rest over your lips as long as is comfortable and repeat 3-5 times per day. Avoid lip gloss that contains petrochemicals and parabens.

answered by Dr C M N

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