How do I stop the itching of sun poisoning?

Sun poisoning is a non medical term that refers to allergic reactions stemming from exposure to sunlight. The problem is naturally a lot more common during the summer months as most of us tend to spend a lot more time outdoors. Light skinned individuals are a lot more susceptible to and likely to be affected by the condition due to the fact that they have less protection due to lower skin pigmentation. The condition can however afflict anyone who is subjected to sufficient levels of exposure and more often than not the reaction may be in fact be caused by multiple factors that would include sun exposure in combination with exposure to chemicals, plants, cosmetics or drugs. Exposure could be internal or directly on the skin.

Sun poisoning can at times be quite serious and very painful. In such cases the first efforts should be to cool down and rehydrate your system. Consumption of plenty of fluids and bathing in cool water will help. It would also be necessary to stay in a cool environment and gently dab your skin dry instead of rubbing it. In cases like yours, where there is mild discomfort and itching the treatment would be very similar to that for sunburn. It would again be important to stay well hydrated. Cold compresses can help reduce any itching and swelling. There are many other remedies that work for both sunburn and mild sun poisoning. Here are some of the effective treatments that you can try out.

  • Apply some aloe vera gel as it is extremely soothing and will help reduce the pain and subside the swelling.
  • The application of calamine lotion or apple cider vinegar is also an effective natural remedy to treat the effects of mild sun poisoning.
  • Soak some towels in cool water and wrap them around the affected skin. Do this frequently for at least ten minutes at a time through the day.
  • Avoid using any harsh soaps on your skin as they can cause further irritation. Gentle natural soaps or an oatmeal bath would suffice instead.
  • Do not use any oils or perfumes and deodorants on the skin as many of them contain possible irritants and exfoliants.
  • Cucumber juice and potato juice are also believed to help sooth the skin and reduce any irritation.

These are just a few of the many possible natural remedies that you can turn to. If you do experience severe pain or vomiting however, and develop a high fever, make sure you get immediate medical attention.

answered by S D

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