Treatment for infected sore swollen toe

Swollen big toes are likely indicators of larger problems and sometimes go beyond the joints and into the feet. Inflamed feelings or sensations, pain, swelling, and extreme soreness that advances rapidly only on the big toe is often caused due to gout. But similar symptoms can also take place when there is an infection. If the swelling is situated at the base of the big toe then the swelling can be termed as a bunion. In most cases sore joint pain, rigor, and swelling are common symptoms of conditions associated with bursitis, inflammation of the joint, ulcerative skin disease, or gout. It is advisable to seek a doctor's advice on the reason behind the swellings, to get a thorough examination, the right diagnosis and the associated treatment for it.

Sometimes severe trauma due to the result of a toe injury can also cause the swelling. Many times the big toe has an unusual capability of getting in the way of walking and in most cases, it is the one that gets stubbed in unfortunate circumstances. Striking one's toe accidentally against a bed post or a door is a common phenomenon. Such incidents take place at night when walking in the dark and it can lead to injuries including contusing, cracks, blood coagulations under the nail, a torn ragged wound and sometimes even the tearing off, of the nail.

If you have been experiencing perennial pain and swelling behind the big toe, you are likely to suffer from gout that is a result of the build up of uric acid in the blood. As uric acids builds up, it forms crystals of uric acid in the joint and cause extreme pain as the joint gets acutely inflamed. Gout is highly painful and can leave you limping around even in comfortable footwear.

Long-lasting and recurrent increase of uric acid level in the blood can lead to kidney damage. Gout is often brought about abruptly through excessive alcohol intake, eating foods rich in saturated fats and trans fats especially meats, and even with the intake of specific medications. Gout is more commonly seen in men and in many cases, doctors have observed a genetic connection related to the disease.

The symptoms of acute gout usually settle down with anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines. If you suspect gout, a medical checkup is highly suggested. Most doctors treat gout with pain medications and specific drugs to bring down the levels of uric acid in the body and get rid of excessive uric acid out from the kidneys. Your doctor may request you to get your urine specimen to check for total uric acid.

Certain kinds of foods are detrimental to the health during gout and should not be consumed-these are also known as high-purine foods that include the following: red meats, shellfish, yeast and fermented products, beer and other alcoholic beverages, beans, green peas, legumes, oats, spinach plants, edible asparagus, cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms.

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If there is an opening on your toe, you could try a poltice of bread water and sugar,put a bit of hot water on bread and sprinkle a bit of sugar on bread, put on wound, repeat after about two hours untill no infection comes out. if there is no opening on toe i suggest a doctor visit is in order as you will need antibiotics.

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Soak your foot in Epson Salts or using a cotton ball apply Peroxide to your toe and if there is infection it will fizz up and then wrap it with a bandaid.Do either of these ideas twice a day for atleast 1 week.Remember to keep the toe clean and covered for the duration.

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A red and swollen big toe could be an indication of other conditions such as gout.  You may consider consulting a trained health care practitioner to accurately diagnose the condition.  If the redness and swelling surrounds the nail, along with "heat", you may have inflammation which could progress to infection.  Epsom salt foot baths, and herbal poultices with bentonite clay and hydrastis or berberis are sometimes used to help the body eliminate toxins. A severe infection requires professional treatment, particularly if circulation is impaired in the extremities.

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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