What is the best way to swallow pills?

Swallowing pills can be a problem for both children and adults who have a fear of choking. One way of still taking the medicine would be to ask your physician if there is a syrup replacement for the pill. If not, there are a few steps that you may follow to make the experience easier. Take a glass of cool water and sit down trying to relax. If your mouth is dry, it is not going to help the pill go down, so you must salivate by imagining, perhaps your favorite food or something you would like to eat at the moment. Swallow a little water before taking the pill and then pop it in. Take deep breaths which will help swallow the pills better and would keep down the gag reflex. The pill must be placed at the centre of your tongue and not towards the left or right. Avoid placing it far back, close to the throat as your fingers may trigger the gag reflex. Other remedies involve washing down the pill with grape juice or some other juice or even a carbonated drink. The latter which is fizzy and bubbly may help swallow the pill easier too. But you must consult with your local health care provider as to whether this will react with the medicine causing harmful side effects or whether it would reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Another option would be to place the pill in one’s mouth and use a straw to suck the liquid that will help wash it down. The suction caused by pulling at the straw helps some people swallow pills easier. If there is no stipulation that your medication has to be had on an empty stomach, you may chew a piece of bread till you are almost ready to swallow. Place the pill into the mashed up mass and quickly swallow. It may go down easier with the food. Mini marshmallows can be used to help swallow pills and you can place the pill into one and pop it into your mouth. When it gets moist, swallow it. Some pills can be crushed and mixed with water, though you may need to ask your doctor if this method is fine. Once the doctor has allowed you to do so, you would need to make sure that you consume even the last drop as to avoid decreasing the effectiveness of the pill.

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