My urine has been dark brown for three days but today I started with severe back pain smelly urine and dark what should I do

Discolored or dark urine is a common symptom of a variety of disorders. It should thus be attended to immediately. Disorders that may result in dark or discolored urine include cirrhosis or acute vaginal hepatitis. In addition, disorders like a kidney or bladder tumor, bladder stones, enlarged prostrate, kidney infections and tuberculosis could also result in dark and discolored urine. Conditions like diabetes, prostatitis and hyperglycemia also cause dark urine with a repulsive odor. Urine is naturally straw yellow in color and has a very mild odor and any change from this normal color requires attention. The underlying causes for change in the color or increase in odor of urine are simple factors like an inadequate intake of fluids or dehydration. In such cases, discoloration can be treated by increasing your intake of water and other fluids. Increasing your intake of water and fluids will help flush out any harmful toxins and will help flush out any unpleasant odor that accompanies urine. Dehydration results in a drastic change in the ratio between waste and water content in the urine. Lower water content in the urine may result in a dark color and an unpleasant odor. Increasing fluid intake also helps treat severe dehydration and helps restore normal color to urine.

Often, a urinary tract infection could also result in discolored and smelly urine. An effective way to treat urinary tract infection is also to increase your fluid intake. In addition, drink plenty of cranberry juice to help treat a urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice helps flush out any infections and relieves symptoms like painful urination that may be accompanied by dark and smelly urine during urinary tract infections. Barley water is also an effective remedy for urinary tract infections. In addition, ensure that you maintain good personal hygiene to help alleviate symptoms of a urinary tract infection. This includes washing undergarments frequently and with a mild detergent. Detergents that are harsh or excessively perfumed can also result in a urinary tract infection. Wear loose, cotton garments to help keep the region free from moisture and bacteria. Synthetic undergarments and clothes tend to retain moisture and lead to infections. Your urine may take on a dark color or smell unpleasant as a reaction to certain kinds of foods or drugs. In such cases, elimination of such foods or medication from your diet helps restore a normal color and odor to urine.

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