Advice for oligospermia

how much time oligospermia takes to be cured?is there any medicine to cure it?

Depending upon your present sperm count, motility etc, it may take 6 to 9 months.

The diet is main component of the medicines. The herbal remedies, case study, dietary recommendation is extensively mentioned at

You may also visit all the links provided there. There are accupressure points too, to be used by self.

While naturopaths, herbalist talk about Vit C,E, Zinc and EFAs, ayurvedists never talk about suppliments made artificially. They discus only herbal powders decoctions etc. Sunlight is an important component of sperm boosting medicines. Even if you take many medicines, but are kept in dark for 6 months, not a single sperm will increase.

In addition there are certain ayurvedic formulations avaialble in India, containing gold bhasma as one important ingredient. Chyvanprash is also another spermbooster tonic, well known internationally. But should be taken only under supervision, especially in summer. If properly made, it contains everything..Vit C, E, Zinc and EFAs too.

Sperm process is driven by yogic chakras, the centers of bioenergy. Hence certain breathing techniques also help. If you learn yoga under a Guru, then these techniques may be learnt.

answered by S B

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