Home Remedies for Underarm Allergic Reaction

If you have used Nair hair removal products before and did not get any allergies, then it seems unlikely that you would develop an allergy now. But the most logical thing to do is, to stop using Nair hair removal products especially if you notice a reaction right after you use them. Try to remember if you are using a new brand of deodorant or changed to a new soap. Pay attention to whether one of these may be causing the allergic reaction and you may be mistaking it for Nair. To relieve the symptoms of redness and pain due to the allergic reaction, apply aloe vera gel.

Regular waxing rather than using lotions or creams is the best. Natural hair removal technique involves making wax at home and using it. This is sure not to give you an allergic reaction to it. It not only makes your armpits look lighter and cleaner but also removes hair from the roots.

answered by P P

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