My age is 42 within last for years I lost my hearing ability completely. Can you suggest some remedies.

The loss of hearing can be devastating and one truly cannot appreciate how deep the loss of one of the senses truly is, without actually experiencing it. There are those that argue about how preferable it is to lose one sense as opposed to another but each loss is unique and must be treated as such. People have different experiences when it comes to hearing loss and different incidents could trigger this. Since your hearing loss has not been present from birth, it is likely that this loss has been brought on by genetics or an unexpected factor aside from noise. In most cases, a gradual hearing loss would be expected as a person ages, but a complete hearing loss at the age of 42 would need to be investigated. The problem is that if age is a factor, this loss would be a permanent one. There are many signs that one is gradually beginning to lose one’s sense of hearing, such as a need to talk louder or a muffled sense of hearing. With such gradual loss, age is not a barrier and you need not be over 80 to experience it.

One has to appreciate that home remedies can help in cases of problems relating to the ear and other minor ailments. However, when it comes to hearing loss, what you require is a doctor’s opinion. Not all kinds of hearing loss can be remedied and it is important to let your doctor fully evaluate you and go over your hearing loss options. Some kinds of hearing loss, for instance, might benefit by a cleansing of the ear by a doctor. However, the nature of your hearing loss would have to be subject to proper examination and tests to determine the extent and the possibility of it abating. The precise devices and treatment options for any kind of hearing loss would need to be subject to examination in an individual case. It would help to seek out a specialist who could help with this sudden hearing loss. There are different devices which would help when it comes to making things easier at home, such as those that alert one to the ringing of a phone. Do check with your doctor about the options regarding regaining hearing that are currently available to you. There are different kinds of hearing aids that are freely available these days and most of them look perfectly inconspicuous.

answered by G M

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