What causes fever, sore throat, pain in bones, headache, dizziness.

These are a wide variety of symptoms and the odd one out here is the bone pain. Bone pain usually indicates some kind of problem with the bone tissue that would point out to some kind of tumor in the bone. This almost never causes fever so a cancer can be completely eliminated from the problem. In addition to this, a sore throat and fever indicate an upper respiratory tract infection. The dizziness is most likely caused by fatigue or from being in a chronic fever state.

All this stated, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you might be suffering from two problems at the same time. This could be the case if you have some kind of bone marrow problem like multiple myeloma and you could have just ended up with a sore throat as well. It is best that you get some tests done to establish the correct problem. The first thing that you need to do is a complete blood test. Elevated white blood cell counts indicate some kind of infection. Elevated lymphocyte counts could also indicate that there is some kind of infection. The next test that you should do is a tumor marker test for leukemia and cytology of white blood cells to ensure that the cause of your problem is not cancer. Low levels of lymphocytes could require that you undergo an AIDS test as well.

For a large part, the most likely situation that you are experiencing is a simple case of a sore throat and high fever. Usually, fevers can cause deep pain in the body and this is absolutely normal. What you need to start doing is to start taking some rest and sleep and also start a course of medication. Fever is usually not a completely bad thing because elevating the body temperature is one of the methods that is used by the body to eliminate infectious organisms that cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Start a treatment of garlic and ginger in your diet in copious quantities. This serves as a daily dose of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication as well. These should be combined with chili powder and turmeric. Black pepper is optional but a good addition. Drink this concoction three times a day for a week and you should start to feel better immediately. The most important part of this treatment is to get as much sleep as you can to ensure that the body can fight off the infection.

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