MY Wife has leg cramps at night suddenly. IT STRESSES ME OUT to see her in such pain what can I DO TO HELP?

Night leg cramps in most cases are a common and harmless condition. Unfortunately night leg cramps could be extremely painful and difficult to put up with. Involuntary muscle contractions in any part of the body are the primary cause of cramps. Similarly, when the muscles present in the legs contract involuntarily, it causes a person to experience cramps. The thighs and calf muscles are most commonly affected by this condition, although some individuals also experience the cramps in their feet.

In most cases muscles contract when they receive reduced amounts of oxygen. This takes place due to insufficient amount of blood circulation in a particular area. When the blood flow to a particular part of the body reduces, the muscles tend to contract in order to retain the amount of blood present in it, thus leading to a cramping sensation. Maintaining a constant position while sleeping is one of the main factors that causes night leg cramps. A few dietary and lifestyle changes can help in reducing the symptoms and alleviating this condition effectively.
  • The water within a water bed moves along with any body movement and this causes the surface of the bed to undulate repeatedly. This movement increases circulation which ensures that all parts of the body receive adequate amounts of blood, thus preventing muscle contractions. Dehydration is another common factor that leads to muscle contractions. Make sure your wife drinks adequate amounts of water throughout the day in order to keep her muscles and body hydrated. Drinking lemon juice before going to bed at night will also prove beneficial in restricting muscle cramps. Lemons contain vitamin C which helps in keeping the body hydrated. Adequate amounts of water in the body will ensure proper blood circulation, thereby reducing the occurrences of night cramps.  
  • Stretching your muscles just before going to sleep at night can also help in reducing the instances of night leg cramps. This helps the muscle loosen up and also enables effective blood circulation. You may also rotate your feet in a clock and anti clock pattern alternately to promote blood circulation in the feet.
  • Milk possesses calcium that is very important in maintaining bone and muscle health. Your wife should drink a warm glass of milk just before going to sleep in order to gain effective relief from this condition.

In some cases night leg cramps could be a symptom of an underlying health condition like diabetes, hypothyroidism or peripheral artery disease to name a few. If your wife’s condition does not improve please visit a doctor immediately.

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