Is piles a communicable disease?

Piles is not really a disease in itself but is a condition that could at times be symptomatic of some disease. In most cases however piles is simply a physical condition that is the result of severe strain and pressure on the veins in the anal region. The cause for the pressure is almost always constipation. Dietary causes can therefore be safely identified as the main culprit, as it is also most common among populations with diets that are deficient in fiber. Apart from frequent or severe constipation conditions like pregnancy and obesity or certain medications and also a few diseases can cause piles.

Piles is therefore quite clearly not a disease and definitely not contagious or communicable. Piles, on the contrary, is a symptom and should be regarded as a warning sign of changes that need to be made. The most effective way to treat the condition with any long term success is by identifying the cause and taking appropriate action to remedy the cause. Treatment directed only at the condition itself will promote healing and offer great relief but do nothing about the causes itself. This means that the condition will continue to recur and the next recurrence could be a lot more severe. The other worrying prospect is that of more serious disorders and complications emerging if the warning signs are not treated seriously and the condition not cured.

The most important measure that you can take towards curing hemorrhoids or piles on a long term basis would be to make some vital dietary changes and incorporate adequate physical activity into your life. Ideally your diet should comprise largely of fresh fruits and vegetables, while sea foods and lean meats can be included in the diet. The diet should have adequate content of fiber as diets that are rich in fats and low in fiber are know to be the biggest cause of chronic constipation and consequentially of piles.

Foods that are high in saturated fats and oils like junk foods need to be avoided. Refined foods are also not very healthy for your digestive system and foods like white bread should be replaced with whole meal breads. Always choose whole meal foods over their refined varieties as refined food has almost no fiber content. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best sources of dietary fiber. For some added roughage and as a remedy you can also consume some psyllium husk everyday. This simply needs to be mixed with water and drunk.

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