I am feeling burning sensation and congestion during urination. what should I do?

A burning sensation and the feeling of blockages or improper evacuation of the bladder is typical of urinary infections but could also be symptomatic of a kidney stone. Urinary infections are a lot more common so it is likely that you do suffer from a UTI, in addition to the fact that a kidney stone that causes symptoms can be excruciatingly painful. But kidney stones pain can not be ruled out either as this is not an uncommon condition. It would therefore be wise for you to take precautions against both. The good news or rather comforting fact could be that many of the remedies and strategies for the two conditions do overlap, so it would be safe to begin a treatment plan with natural methods to deal with either scenario. If the problem does not improve within a few days or worsens, make sure you visit a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Consulting a doctor would nevertheless be wise as neglect of an infection that could spread to the kidneys or already has, can be disastrous. Kidney infections are a lot more serious than bladder infections or stones.

Urinary infections and kidney stones can be caused by a variety of causes that would differ for both, so without delving on them let’s get to the treatment plan.

  • Make sure you boost your fluid intake. The more the water and fresh fruit juices you drink the higher the chances that the kidney stone can be flushed out and the lower the chances are of the infection firmly establishing itself.
  • Cranberry juice would be a great drink to include as it helps flush out bacteria that cling to the walls of the urinal tract.
  • The pain can at times be excruciating and a hot compress would help to give some relief.
  • Steer clear of sugar rich foods, alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, and refined foods. This helps in the treatment of small kidney stones.
  • Physical activity is also vital as a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Even simple undemanding activities like walking or swimming for twenty minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Kidney stones can be of two types and identifying the nature of the stone helps treatment as the problem arises from your diet and likewise can be controlled with your diet.

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