What is the best recommendation for toe fungus? I know vapor rub is supposed to cure fungus. But I don't know if using a brand name vapor rub is any different from a generic?

We have many natural remedies for Toe nail fungus that you can benefit from. Tea tree oil has powerful natural antiseptic and anti fungal properties. Try using the home remedy using tea tree oil. Do this daily as per the instructions on the website. Do not expect overnight results. It does take time to cure but doing it religiously on a daily basis will help you.

Also, grapeseed oil and bleach have been used as effective home remedies for toe fungus though bleach can cause skin irritation in some people. Vicks vaporub can cause skin reactions but if it works for you, try it. Ideally, whether it is branded or generic the chemical composition shouldn't be different, though the quality may be. My suggestion is to try the remedy using tea tree oil first and then check out other remedies as well.

answered by P P

There are many good suggestions for palliating toe fungus symptoms on this website and camphor vapor rub is certainly one option. It is up to you to determine whether or not the price difference between a generic and trade-marked brand is worth it, since the exact ingredients in a brand name are often unavailable from the label. I have seen this treatment work well for several patients so it may be a good choice for you. (Caution: do not use camphor rubs while taking homeopathic remedies)

From a naturopathic perspective, bacteria, fungus and viruses co-exist in the body at all times. It is only when one or more of these organisms gets out of balance that we experience symptoms. Although toe fungus can be in sightly, luckily, it is rarely life threatening. However, it does indicate an immune system weakness and systemic imbalance. So, it is important to adequately support the immune system and manage lifestyle factors to ensure balance and minimize stressors which weaken immune function.

answered by Dr K B N

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