I have soaked my toenails in listerine for fungus. It worked great. My question is that one toenail came off and I see fungus still on my toe. How do I get rid of it?

If you are faced with the troubling prospect of fungus that has developed on your skin, then you will have to take certain strong measures to take care of this problem. But in order to determine what exactly the nature of the problem is, you will have to go for a medical examination first. It is all very well to assume that since the toenail has come off, the discoloration or mark you are seeing on the skin left behind is actually fungus. But from looking at it clone, you have no way of determining if this is true. You would need a proper closer examination of the skin in order to figure out if this is the case. For this, you must consult a doctor. If possible, make sure you go to a dermatologist, or a skin specialist, who will in all probability run a series of tests before coming to any conclusion. If indeed it is a fungal infection which has spread from your toenail to your skin, then you would certainly need the services of a dermatologist in order to get rid of it.

However, since this type of transference is relatively rare, we can go with the assumption that this discoloration or mark you see on your toe skin is actually a left over from the toenail itself. If this is true, then you will have to take measures to check this discoloration. One of the mildest and most effective methods to use is to apply yogurt to the toe. Add a few drops of lime juice to the yogurt so that not only does the area get sanitized, it also lightens in color after three to five uses. You can leave this mix on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with plain water after that.

answered by M W

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