How to treat contact dermatitis?

Allergic contact dermatitis is a condition characterized by an irritation or rash in a localized area of the skin caused by contact of the skin with an external substance. There is an accompanying itchiness which arises a few days after the skin comes in contact with the substance and subsides a few days later. If contact with the foreign substance continues, the condition will also persist. Substances such as poison ivy, particular kinds of foods, metallic materials, soap or detergent, perfume, chemicals and rubber substances may be the trigger for allergic contact dermatitis. This type of allergic dermatitis is usually restricted to the area of contact, but in some rare cases, may even spread to other areas.

Common types of allergic contact dermatitis are eczema on the wrist resulting from an allergic reaction to nickel, which may be present in the watch strap; eczema on the leg resulting from an allergic reaction to rosin which is present in plasters; rash on the hand caused by an allergy to the materials from which rubber gloves are made; and irritation on the face due to an allergic reaction to kaphon CG, a substance present in certain moisturizers. It is important to avoid itching the affected skin as this could aggravate the condition. It also helps to prevent the affected areas from humid and hot weather as this could create further discomfort and worsen the condition. Wear loose fitted cotton clothing as this is easy and light on the skin, and will not cause further discomfort due to chaffing or rubbing against the skin. Ensure that the area is kept clean and hygienic by cleansing with a mild perfume-free soap.

A popular natural remedy for treating allergic contact dermatitis is witch hazel. Emollients containing witch hazel may be applied to the affected areas for quick relief. Aloe vera is very effective in curing skin conditions. Juice of aloe vera may be applied in order to soothe the irritated skin. It is believed that excessive intake of fried and oily foods may cause the skin to sweat more, thus increasing the risk of skin conditions. A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables contributes to an increased immunity against infections. For sores and rash, placing a cloth soaked in salt water over the affected area will help to soothe the skin. Cold compresses will help to give relief from contact dermatitis. You may also apply compresses of cold milk to the skin. Oil of fresh coconut is an effective treatment for skin affected by contact dermatitis. You may apply the oil about five times a day on the affected areas.

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Contact dermatitis is a common skin infection that occurs in both males and females at any given age. The skin inflammation that arises out of the skin condition is particularly unpleasant and is known to affect the external layers of the skin. The skin disease is characterized by redness of the skin, followed by painful blisters, skin irritation that results in swelling of the skin.

Contact Dermatitis is usually the result of skin allergies caused due to external factors such as soaps, perfumes etc. Certain ingredients found in these items cause an allergic reaction in the skin. Some people are also affected by nickel plated jewelry while some frequently experience the skin condition owing to their constant contact with allergens such as chemicals, rubber and concrete and certain plants.

While there are numerous remedies to control the skin condition, one the simplest form of getting rid of contact dermatitis is to stay away from these allergens that cause skin inflammation. Maintain a cool and moist atmosphere at home or at the workplace as hot and humid weather tends to aggravation of skin disease and exacerbate the condition. Avoid scratching the affected area as it can lead to more serious complications.It is advisable to cut the fingernails short and wear rubber gloves - with inner cotton lining - to prevent scratching of the scabs.

A mild soap or cleanser without fragrance must be used for cleansing the affected skin area. A mild application of hypoallergenic fragrance-free lotion on the affected parts can help to relieve the itching associated with the skin condition. The lotion can also help in preventing the skin from becoming dry and scaly. Use a mild and preservative free shampoo for dermatitis on the scalp.

Witch Hazel is a highly popular folk remedy for contact dermatitis, and an emollient prepared from witch hazel - without the presence of alcohol in it - is believed to beneficial in relieving itching and inflammation. Another popular remedy for relieving itching and soreness due to contact dermatitis is the application of fresh aloe vera juice. A blend of aloes and olive oil is helpful in preventing dry scaly scabs and in softening the skin. A common OTC product that is usually recommended by dermatologists and skin experts is lacto calamine lotion which helps in reducing the swelling and itchiness of the skin.

A fresh fruit and vegetable diet can also in healing the skin faster. Some medical experts believe that over consumption of red meats and fried foods can result in excessive sweating thus causing further aggravation to the skin condition. Consume fruits such as apples, pineapples, oranges and grapefruits, papaya and lightly cooked vegetables such cauliflower, cabbage, spinach and carrot as these are abundantly rich in minerals and vitamins.

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Contact dermatitis is a result of allergy to chemicals, plants, metals, perfumes, cosmetics and so on resulting in itching, redness and inflammation.

  • Biotin pills prove benficial.
  • Aloe vera gel on the area is helpful.
  • Topical application of vitamin E helps.

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