I was recently diagnosed with perioral dermatitis by a dermatologist. He has prescribed 6 weeks of antibiotics. any other suggestions?

Perioral dermatitis is a fairly common disorder that most women suffer from. Most women have suffered the itchy, scaly skin that is the symptom of this condition. The rash that you have on your face could be a little bumpy and even a little scaly. You will notice that this has spread across your face, often avoiding your lips but covering other skin surface. This could be caused due to some medication that you have taken. Other reasons for the occurrence of this condition are stress, allergic reactions to something in the environment around you, and in some cases even heredity.

You can help yourself by avoiding poking at the bumps or even scratching them. Applying moisturizes or any other cream not approved of by your doctor is not a good idea in these circumstances.

You should avoid constantly touching your face. Keeping your hands away from the rash is probably the best thing that you can do. Since this condition is related to stress, you can try to help yourself by trying to relax. You can learn some relaxation techniques and try to do some meditation. Grape seed extract is believed to be beneficial in this condition. You can take a few drops of this on a cotton swab and apply on your face. You can also mix a small amount of this in a glass of water and drink this water every morning.

answered by G R

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