my lips are dark so how can i make my lips red and soft?

The world today puts a lot of stress on ones physical appearance and most people want to look fair and have pink lips. However this is not possible as the color of one complexion depends on their genetic background and exposure to the sun. The lip like any other part of the body is made up of layers of skin. The skin contains melanocytes; these cells are responsible for the release of a pigment called melanin which gives the skin its color. People with a fairer complexion have lesser amounts of melanin in their skin. The lips too, contain melanin, but as the skin on the lips are delicate and only 3 to 5 layers thick as compared to 16 layers in other parts of the body, it tends to expose the nerves carrying blood to it which is why lips are generally pink in color.

From the above we can conclude that one cannot really change the color of their lips, but can certainly lighten its texture by taking proper care of it. The following suggestions will help you achieve the same.

  • Lips, although a part of the skin, do not contain sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are responsible for keeping the skin moisturized naturally by secreting an oil called sebum. Therefore the lips are the first to experience dryness, due to climatic changes or from excess exposure to the sun. To prevent your lips from becoming dry, you should apply petroleum jelly before stepping out of the house. This will protect your lips from excessive drying and keep it moist, thus helping it to retain its softness and color.
  • Over exposure to the sun makes the skin darker. This takes place because the body releases extra melanin to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The excess pigmentation, due to this process, leads to tanning of the skin, giving the affected area a darker shade of complexion. The same also applies to the lips. In order to lighten the skin back to its normal shade the process of exfoliation would prove very helpful. Take the juice of a tomato mixed in honey and apply it on your lips. Keep this paste on your lips for 15 minutes. After this using a tooth brush, rub the upper layer of skin on your lips. The brush will help remove the dead skin cells and expose the fresh healthy layer of skin. Tomato being acidic in nature will help in loosening the dead skin bonds, making it easy to peel off. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and anti bacterial agent. The best way to protect your lips from the sun would be to apply a lip balm that has UV ray filters. This will make your lips look attractive and at the same time protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The above two methods would help you lighten the texture of your lips and also make them soft and supple. However it is very important that you stop smoking if you have the habit. Smoking dries the lips of its moisture and darkens it further. Additionally, you should increase your water intake, as this will ensure your lips remain moist and soft.

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