Remedies For Dark Lips: My Lips Have Always Been Dark But Late They Have Got Basically Purple. I Smoke Both Cigarettes And Pot Rolled In Tobacco. I Really Wasn?T Hoping To Quit But I Will If This Is The Cause. Can You Help Me Out?

There is no doubt about the fact that smoking is a huge contributing factor for dark lips. If you are saying that you have always had dark lips and they have now become purple, then you can be assured that smoking is a primary cause for the same. If you say that you can quit, this is an excellent approach to the matter. The first thing that quitting smoking in any form will do is that it will stop your skin from darkening further at once. While we may not think so, this is also an important thing. Apart from quitting smoking all things and in all forms, there are also some things you can try to help out with lightening the color of your lips. Each night before going to bed, make it a point to apply aloe vera to your lips. It is advisable to do this at night simply because if you apply aloe vera gel in the day and expose it to the sun, it will only serve to darken your skin further. This is an aggravation you can do without while making attempts to lighten the color of your already dark lips.

While eating it, you can also take a piece of cucumber and rub it on your lips. This will also help to recue their darkness somewhat. Cucumber is a skin lightening agent that will help towards making your skin lighter. You can also apply pomegranate juice for the same effect. But it is better to take a kernel, burst it between your fingers and then apply this juice. It is inadvisable to use canned juice as this contains chemicals and preservatives that can only worsen your situation. The same method can also be done with all citrus fruits. Just remember that you should not go out in the sun directly after doing this. If you have to, make it a point to wash the fruit off your mouth first. If sunlight hits it, your lips may just end up getting darker. As a matter of fact, make it a point to protect your lips from sunlight and tanning. You can do this by always keeping a layer of lip balm or cream with sun tan lotion applied to your lips. There are plenty of these available in the market commonly. If your lips are protected in this way from the rays of the sun, they will automatically start losing the tan they have acquired over the years.

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