I have bloating discomfort & pressure I don't have constipation and go at least 4 or 5 times a day. Is that still considered IBS?

Our digestive system is made of many organs. Belching and bloating could be due to a disease or simply the malfunctioning of any of the organs that make the digestive system. Belching can simply be the expulsion of excessive gas from your digestive tract. Usually, if you are feeling bloated and it’s accompanied with belching, you have gas and the body is naturally trying to expel it. This condition is usually caused by the food that you eat, your eating routine, the size of your meal etc. If the gas in your digestive tract is not expelled simply by belching, you may keep feeling bloated until the gas is expelled. It is best to check yourself for Hiatus hernia if you have a constant bloating feeling. In this condition, the stomach starts to protrude into the chest cavity. This is caused if the diaphragm either ruptures or gets weak. This condition can cause a lot of gastrointestinal problems in addition to bloating.

The symptoms are usually pain in the abdomen especially after eating, a constant feeling of being full which elevates after meals, frequent Indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn and gas. This is usually diagnosed by a physical examination and x-ray. If your symptoms are different, perhaps you should also get yourself checked for Helicobacter pylori. This is a bacterium that is usually found in the stomach and causes an increase in the gastric juice. The bacteria can end up causing damage to the stomach lining. Since the gastric juice increases, the metabolism process produces a lot of ammonia. This can lead to the feeling of being bloated constantly. If the population of these bacteria becomes large, the production of CO2 increases in the system and there is a constant feeling of being bloated.

In your condition, Gastro paresis also can not be completely ruled out. In this condition, the stomach muscles become paralyzed and are not able to empty its contents by the contraction movement. This could be caused if the nerves in the stomach lining get damaged or start to die. Damage to the muscles could also cause this condition. The cause of your condition could also be fairly simple. If you have been eating outside, perhaps you have unknowingly ingested something that your body is unable to tolerate. Food intolerance is a very common condition. Many people all over the world suffer from this condition where the body is unable to utilize some of the food material that we consume due to an absence of the required enzymes. Don’t take this matter very lightly. Get yourself thoroughly checked before matters worsen and your digestive system gets affected.

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