Are there any home remedies to detoxify the body?? Are dark circles a cause of toxins in the body ?? Please suggest

Vitamin A in Excess:

Excess vitamin A or an overdose of Retin-A is very likely to cause liver problems, which can cause dark circles under eyes. Learn how to control your vitamin A levels and how to heal the liver naturally and you will be on your way to a healthier body and radiant face skin without dark circles.

Excess Sugar:

Sugar is the enemy for people suffering severe dark circles. Research about the action of insulin shows that sugar can lead not only to weight problems, but also skin problems, through inflammatory responses as well as their effect on protein which can age the skin and the body prematurely through a process called glycation. Inflammation leads to eye puffiness and dark circles. Find out which foods are highest in sugar, which are most damaging and how to stay away from them.

Salty Foods:

Cut down your daily intake of salt. Salt produces fluid retention this increases the pressure in the small capillaries in your eye area aggravating your dark circles. It is very important to know what an acceptable level of sodium is and how much you should cut from your diet in order to see improvements in your dark circles.

answered by C S N

Summer season is good for detoxification,because mostly all the fruits and vegetables are available.In cold season our body gets fill with toxins.So one of the most effective method for detoxification is the one in which raw fruits and natural fruits juices are used,of all the fruits citrus especially lemon,grapefruit and oranges have the most beneficial and powerful effects on the detoxification process.pineapple is too helping, glow skin,nails,hairs gives good effect on over all body.

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