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Walking pneumonia is also commonly referred to as a typical pneumonia. It can be described as a medical condition, in which a person suffers from a case of pneumonia that is so mild, that bed rest or hospitalization are not required. Hence, as the name suggests, a person who is suffering from walking pneumonia can walk or move around freely, unlike cases of regular pneumonia. This condition is generally more common in children, who are aged between 5 and 16 years. In fact, studies indicate that out of all the people who suffer from walking pneumonia, around 70% to 75% are children.

Walking pneumonia symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of regular pneumonia, but the intensity is generally milder. Like pneumonia, walking pneumonia symptoms in adults as well as children are generally missed in the initial stages. However, as the condition progresses, symptoms like a runny nose, lethargy, cough, sore throat, sudden chills, breathing difficulties, headaches and pain in the body may become evident.

Walking pneumonia is essentially treated with the help of antibiotics. A proper course of treatment needs to be outlined by a doctor, after evaluating the patient's condition. In addition to the prescribed medication and treatment, you can use the following steps and home remedies, to expedite the healing process:

Is walking pneumonia contagious?

One of the biggest concerns people have about this condition is whether pneumonia (walking) is contagious or not. Unfortunately, walking pneumonia is highly contagious, as it can easily spread from one person to another, through direct contact. Therefore, people who have been infected should be treated as soon as possible and should avoid contact with others, especially other children.


In order to adopt the right and timely treatment for walking pneumonia, it is important to first undergo a detailed walking pneumonia diagnosis. A doctor would need to conduct certain tests to evaluate a patient's condition before suggesting treatment options. It could take a while to diagnose the condition accurately, because the symptoms are generally very mild. However, once the condition is diagnosed, doctors usually begin the treatment immediately. The treatment for walking pneumonia in adults generally involves the use of antibiotics as well as certain over the counter medicines. However, the treatment for walking pneumonia in children generally involves the use of certain home remedies to speed up the recovery process. Some of the most effective home remedies for walking pneumonia in children are:

  • Following a healthy diet, which includes a lot of fluids and foods like mushrooms, spinach, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, whole grains, pine nuts and oysters
  • Swallowing some chopped garlic along with some lukewarm water
  • Consuming flaxseed oil or golden seal for boosting the immunity system, in order to combat the disease
  • Adding zinc supplements or other foods that are high in zinc to the diet

The general walking pneumonia recovery time is around a week or so. Most people recover completely in around 7 to 10 days. However, it normally takes around 4 weeks or so, for the disease to be cleared from the system completely.

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Walking pneumonia, one of the commonest ailments in the world, is often mistaken for a common cold. So many people suffer from walking pneumonia all the time but usually dismiss it as a common cold and never realize what condition they are suffering from until they get checked by a physician.

Though walking pneumonia is not a very serious ailment, it can turn severe and can become quite annoying. You need to take plenty of fluids and a lot of rest just to overcome this sickness. Sleep more and try some outdoor exercises to rejuvenate yourself. A lot of times weaknesses in the immune system are caused due to fatigue, stress and prolonged sickness. The physician will definitely prescribe antibiotics. Sometimes though, the symptoms don't go even after taking the full course of the antibiotics. The conditions may keep worsening and finally, hospitalization may be required.

Since this illness is quite contagious since it's airborne, wash your hands frequently so that you do not contaminate those around you. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and stay away from some foods that may worsen your condition. Most likely your doctor will tell you what are the things that you should eat and what things should be avoided. The infection is quite communicable and therefore over the counter drugs should not be taken unless prescribed by the doctor.

Do not take direct water baths. Try sponge baths instead. Dip a wash cloth in lukewarm water and clean yourself with it instead of pouring cold water onto yourself directly. Prop up the pillows to make an incline and rest on that. This will help you get rid of your cough and chest congestion.

There are some concoctions that can be made at home and provide instant relief. Take a raw garlic clove and chop it finely. Swallow the finely chopped garlic with a glass of lukewarm water. Repeat this thrice a day for two days continuously.

Another tested and proven remedy for walking pneumonia is Zinc. There are many scientific studies to back the claim of zinc being one of the most powerful natural mineral to cure walking pneumonia. Include zinc supplements in your diet. Whole grains, mushrooms, spinach, oysters, wheat germ, pine nuts and brewer's yeast are some excellent natural sources of zinc.

Colloidal silver, Echinacea, Flax Seed Oil and Goldenseal are other supplements that are important for boosting your immunity and warding off diseases like walking pneumonia.

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Strengthening the immune system through constitutional hydrotherapies and castor oil packs are two ways to help the body regain balance. You may read about these therapies on the internet since they are an important part of the traditional practice of naturopathic medicine (e.g. Nature Cure) Just ask yourself why you may have been particularly vulnerable to this condition, and you probably can find more ways to help --more sleep,outdoor exercise, and stress management may be beneficial since immune weakness may result from fatigue and stress. With some people, it may take several months for this condition to resolve.

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