My father aged about 80 years is suffering from double pneumonia with partial infection in kidneys also. Please tell me about the development process of this disease and its consequences?

Double pneumonia is the term used to describe a condition of pneumonia that has affected both the lungs instead of just one. Usually, pneumonia affects only one lung. This does not mean in any way that the disease is more serious, or is actually doubled in its strength or intensity in any way. Double pneumonia often occurs after a long upper respiratory tract illness. A cough, cold, flu, asthma or bronchial blockage for a prolonged period of time may be the causes of this problem. It could also affect a person who has a weakened immune system. Since the patient's age is 80 years, the last one is most likely to be the case. If there is also a kidney infection added to the mix of problems, it is essential that you keep your father under strict medical supervision, otherwise the effects and damage could be severe and far reaching.

The trajectory that this disease usually follows is that it begins with a fever, cough or cold which stubbornly does not go. This problem is then usually followed by rapid and shallow breathing or too much wheezing. Typically, patients also experience weakness caused due to loss of appetite. Since the disease is accompanied with an infection, it is essential that you remember that this makes it highly contagious. Try to keep small children away from the patient. It is also advisable to avoid keeping the patient in dry and dusty surroundings, as these will only aggravate the symptoms. Try to ensure that your father eats a clove of raw garlic before sleeping every night as this will aid in healing from within. It is also advisable for him to eat lightly, rather than excessively, which will cause additional digestive trouble as well. Rest is the most important catalyst in healing.

answered by G R

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