How severe is the relapse of jaundice? In my case I had an attack of jaundice about 10 months back and I feel that it is relapsing. What are the chances of me suffering from hepatitis and if yes than is it going to be very serious?

Jaundice symptoms are typically an indication of liver insufficiency. If you have had hepatitis in the past, it is important you monitor your liver enzymes to assess your liver function. Recurrence of jaundice relapse can be serious, depending upon the levels of liver enzymes and liver function. However, jaundice can be caused by other conditions, other than hepatitis. Liver support herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, licorice, can be helpful. However, it is important not to "lock the robber in the bank" and suppress jaundice symptoms through liver protective herbs if the reasons for your jaundice have another viral, or functional cause. Please seek the consult of a health care practitioner if your jaundice symptoms persist.

answered by Dr K B N

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