What to do for Belching Remedy

Belching is a very common reaction of the body and everyone has experienced it at some point in their lives or the other. Belching is essentially a reaction of the human body aimed at relieving any buildup of gas within the stomach and can be extremely embarrassing if it occurs in public. Also known as eructation, the process is triggered in two ways. First, the buildup of gas is produced by eating certain types of foods such as raw fruit, vegetables and bran or even by consuming gaseous liquids such as beer or aerated drinks. Fruit juices made from apples and grapes are also known to induce belching. Secondly, belching may also be caused simply by swallowing too much air which can happen as a result of eating too fast or drinking too fast. Some other common actions that will cause a person to swallow air include smoking a pipe, chewing gum or even sucking on candy. Only a small amount of this swallowed air is passed into the small bowel while the majority of it is passed out of the body through the belching process. When a person sits upright, the air rises above the liquid contents within the stomach and comes into contact with the gastroesophageal junction - triggering the belching action. Before a person belches, he or she is likely to experience a burning sensation in the mouth as well as a certain amount of discomfort in the stomach.

It should also be remembered that belching could also develop as a habit and is not necessarily linked to a buildup of air in the stomach. Some people will instinctively resort to this method to ease the discomfort and expel any gas build up caused from abdominal problems.

The best way to prevent belching is a combination of certain lifestyle changes as well as a control over certain eating habits. One of the best techniques to prevent excessive belching is to eat slowly as well as have smaller meals. The excessive consumption of onions and chocolates is also likely to cause burping, so one should avoid such foods as much as possible. One of the most effective home remedies is to add about half a teaspoon of water to a glass of drinking water and drink the potion on a regular basis as it helps provide almost instant relief from continuous belching. Taking a few cloves of garlic just before your meals is also known to be another beneficial step in preventing belching.

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