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Saffron is one of the most valued and the most expensive among spices one can find these days. The prices of authentic saffron can compete with a number of precious and semi-precious stones. This would be because of the numerous ways in which saffron is beneficial to us. There is a lot of reverence associated with this spice and it has been widely used throughout history. There are many well known spots for saffron fields such as Kashmir and other places in Asia. With the beauty fixation never failing, people have resorted to a number of complexion improving initiatives, including the use of saffron. Besides saffron can be consumed in a variety of ways and it can also be used externally. The spice is so valued because it works wonders in enhancing the flavors of so many varieties of foods. The addition of saffron to a meal lends to it a rather distinctive flavor.

While using saffron, it has to be said that the rather large number of products claiming to contain saffron should be viewed with suspicion. Saffron is not an everyday herb that is cheaply available. Even when visiting a place renowned for its saffron production, one has to be careful about the quality saffron being sold. Like any spice or herb, there are different grades or different qualities of saffron. For external use, most people find it more economical to go with the slightly less costly saffron varieties.

With regards to complexion, saffron is best used as a topical application. When talking about application of saffron to one’s face, one will typically need the aid of another medium such as milk. What you need to do is to soak roughly just five strands in a couple of tablespoons of this and then simply use this on your face. You can then proceed to rinse but remember to do this often. This spice, since it is so potent, should not be consumed in high amounts. Remember that this spice can cause a lot of heat so its use should be limited in hot weather. One can even soak the strands of this precious spice overnight in water. Milk can be added to this delicious smelling mixture the next morning, before applying to one’s face. Just remember that if one’s complexion is to be free of blemishes, one would need to balance their meals and eat healthier foods. Diet and exercise cannot be replaced by a simple application of saffron.

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