I have had the worst ever tooth pain and I have been to the dentist and they never helped. How do I cure it.

The information that you have provided is not really enough to recommend any specific course of action. Tooth pain is only a symptom of some underlying problem, and home remedies for tooth pain are only a temporary solution. They merely lessen the pain, thus treating the symptom but not the cause. You have not mentioned what the cause of your tooth ache was, and what your dentist did, in order to try to solve the problem. A toothache can be caused by a variety of problems with the gums and teeth - one or more of your teeth could have developed a cavity, a tooth may simply be cracked or broken, or one of your wisdom teeth may be emerging. Gum disease can also sometimes cause a tooth ache, and over time it can get worse if it is not treated. Tooth and gum infections that are left untreated can spread right up to the dental pulp or even to the bone. This can be quite a serious situation, requiring immediate medical treatment. You should therefore return to your dentist, or at least find another dentist who seems to be reliable. Each of the problems just mentioned requires different treatment, and without knowing exactly what treatment your dentist has tried, it is difficult to say whether the treatment was successful or not, and whether it was the right treatment. In any case, you should realize that dentists and doctors may sometimes begin with mild and minimally invasive treatment in the hope that the patient will respond. If the problem is not solved with this treatment, it does not necessarily mean that the doctor was wrong - merely that the first approach did not work, and some more aggressive treatment will need to be tried.

In the meanwhile, you can try a few home remedies to ease the pain. One of the most common and effective toothache remedies is clove oil. You can put a drop of clove oil on the affected area or else soak a piece of cotton in the oil, and then place the cotton on your tooth. However, you must remember that clove oil is toxic in large quantities. Use it very sparingly, and for no more than three days. Another temporary remedy for a toothache is rinsing your mouth with salt water or with alcohol. This can be done several times a day, and will cleanse and soothe the affected area.

answered by G M

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