Cures for Respiratory Mucus: I woke up this morning coughing up black mucus. And I'm not a smoker help.

Mucus typically isn't a cause for alarm, but black mucus isn't so common. Usually, this is the case with smokers and, in particular, those who have smoked the drug marijuana. Since you are a non-smoker you should check with your health care practitioner to identify other causes. This symptom is not common and it could possibly indicate a number of different things such as dried blood which is contained in your lungs or other component of lower airways. Possibilities include some kind of infection, especially a lung infection or even bronchitis. If this black mucus has not shown up before, and if it does not recur, it could be nothing to cause you alarm. At the end of the day, this is a matter for your physician to decide. If the mucus is more of a dark brown, it could be a simple matter of dust inhalation or smog inhalation. There is also the possibility of food such as cocoa which actually stains the mucus that color. This condition is best diagnosed by your physician who needs to examine you to come to any kind of conclusion and eliminate other causes. You should give him other details such as the precise nature of the mucus - whether it is wholly black, or if there are black spots or if it contains stringy black mucus and the like. He or she might recommend getting a fungal culture done to check for such infection.

While these home remedies should help with mucus, it is imperative that you check with a doctor before attempting to treat black mucus on your own, since these aren't designed specifically for black mucus. Grape juice is usually quite effective in dealing with phlegm and you can make a good mix by drinking two teaspoons of this after mixing an equal amount of honey. honey is also used when treating both coughs and colds. Usually, a cup of herbal tea helps ease breathing when one has trouble with phlegm. Vapors from eucalyptus leaves can be very soothing in such cases. Similarly inhalation of mint leaves could also help one breathe more easily. You can boil both of these leaves together in order to get a potent mix of vapors to help with your problem. These home remedies should help you with breathing more easily and treating that mucus issue. Your doctor will be able to help with the cause of the black mucus and ensure a faster recovery.

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