Cure for burnt tongue after drinking coffee?

A lot of people experience tongue or mouth burn when they accidentally sip on a hot beverage or eat foods that have just been cooked or heated. Burns such as these can cause tissue damage and thus cause swelling, blistering, moderate pain, tastelessness that could last for a few days. These effects should normally subside within ten days. However, if the pain or lesions last for more than ten days then it's important to see a doctor. This is because mouth burns that take longer than usual to heal could signal an underlying illness, such as mouth cancer. Consult a doctor immediately, if the symptoms worsen and are accompanied by fever, nausea and weakness.

For a burnt tongue immediately gargle with cold water. You could also suck on an ice cube or a Popsicle to relieve the pain. In addition to reducing the burning sensation, ice will also reduce any swelling or irritation that could occur as a result of a burn. Try to avoid spicy and pungent foods for a few days. Also stay off foods such as chips, nuts, and other crispy snacks that can aggravate the burn. Always allow your hot beverages and foods to cool down a bit before you drink or eat them. This is especially true in case you have recently suffered a burn on your tongue or mouth, so as to avoid further irritation to the lesion. Drinking some cold milk is also effective in reducing the burning sensation in your tongue and protecting the burn, by forming a coating on it. Avoid citrus fruits and salty foods as these can sting. Try to eat foods that are cooling such as buttermilk, frozen yogurt, ice creams, etc. Also include cucumbers, tomatoes, salad leaves, and other fresh vegetables. Avoid eating raw carrots, radishes, lemons and other foods that are hard to bite or acidic as they tend to aggravate the burn area.

You could also purchase some over-the-counter medications that contain pectin ointment to apply to the burn. The pain should normally subside in a day or two, however, if it persists try using an analgesic mouthwash containing benzocaine. This should provide some relief from the pain. In addition, use a peroxide mouth wash to gargle your mouth. This will protect your tongue from any burn related infections. Dilute the mixture with water if you are worried that it could sting. Alternately, use a pain reliever, specifically meant for mouth burn.

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