My son got a stitch on his finger but after we went to the doctor, his hands and feet are strangely warm without having a fever. What is the cause of this warmness?

The first thing you should know is that this is nothing to worry about. Any time the body raises its temperature, you should know that it is trying to fight off infection and is trying to keep itself safe and secure. This is the reason why a fever is considered a good sign if there is an infection of any kind that the body is battling with. Fever is a definite sign that the body is trying valiantly to fight back. The warmth is good. You should not worry about it too much. However, if your son does indeed get a fever, then you should consult a doctor about this problem. Go right back and get him promptly re-examined. If there is a fever, this indicates that there is an infection somewhere that the body is fighting to get rid of. If your son has managed to infect his finger, then this is a bad sign and also one that needs to be taken care of immediately. The worst thing you could do at this point in time is to try and use home remedies to bring his fever down. Fever is not a condition in itself, rather it is a symptom. If you bring down his fever with tablets, a cold compress etc. it does not mean that he is cured, it just means that his symptoms are controlled but the problem is still very much present.

However, if you are very worried about the warmth, then you can vist your doctor. In particular, if this warmth lingers for over 24 hours, then you are better off with a medical verdict. However, if it clears within a day, then you can simply let it be. Ensure that your son rests till his injury has totally and completely healed. He should have a healthy diet and avoid all fried, spicy and junk food. Give him plenty of raw fruits and vegetables as they are easy to digest and contain plenty of nutrients. Yogurt contains probiotics which are healthy microbes that keep harmful bacteria under check. You can make a yogurt dip which he can have with steamed baby corn or baby carrots as a healthy snack. If your son does not like the sour taste, you can give him flavored yogurt instead. Keep his entire arm elevated as far as possible. This will increase blood flow to the injured finger and accelerate the healing process. Moreover, keep the finger dry and clean and follow all after-care instructions. Try as much as you can to not let is become wet, or else you will only end up delaying the healing process. If the finger or the bandage gets wet, clean the wound and re-bandage it.

answered by M W

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