White creamy substance is on lips when I remove lips are red and irritate. Will problem go away. It is very frustrating?

Your complaint is an extremely common one. This usually happens to people who are suffering from excessively dry skin. This 'creamy' substance is usually a collection of dead and dry skin. It has a tendency to stick to your lips. In particular, it will stick to the corners of your mouth. Not only is it unsightly in terms of appearance, it is also uncomfortable. It is not uncommon for these creamy deposits to sometimes emit a foul odor. However, this usually happens in really extreme cases. For most part, if you are in the habit of licking your lips too much or excessively, then you will find that you are plagued with this kind of dryness on a regular basis. Most people feel that licking their lips helps to moisten them. Actually, the reverse is true. If you lick your lips continually, you will notice that over a period of time, they will only get drier and drier. You are better off not doing this, particularly if you have dry lips. One of the best substances to use for excessively dry lips is mustard oil. Although it has a very strong odor, you will find that using mustard oil will help to moisten your lips fairly well. You can make your own lip scrub out of sugar, honey and a drop or two of coconut oil. Use this scrub once or twice a week to get rid of accumulated dry skin. Make sure that you apply a lip balm after you scrub your lips. If you use this scrub regularly, your lips will soon be soft, smooth and problem-free. Try to keep your lips moist and well lubricated using a lanolin based lip balm. Wash your face with warm water and a soap free cleanser before you go to bed and then apply the lip balm. This will help to improve the condition of your lips to a very large extent.

Another one of the basic and most common reasons for this problem is an extreme deficiency of vitamin B. In order to know whether you are suffering from this particular deficiency, you would need to visit your doctor . It would be preferable to go to your regular family physician, who will also be familiar with your general health and history. This is also always more useful in determining your condition and you will get a better and far more accurate diagnosis.

answered by M W

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