How does the ampalaya juice affect the growth of intestinal worms?

Ampalaya is a fruit that comes from a tropical and subtropical vine known as momordica charantia, and has a reputation for being extremely bitter. In fact, one of its names is bitter melon, and another is bitter gourd. The fruit looks like an elongated, rather shriveled up and uneven water melon, although the taste is drastically different. The juice of this fruit is also extremely bitter, and has a number of uses in traditional medicine. Among the many medicinal uses of bitter gourd, it is consumed as treatment for a variety of problems with the digestive system, and can also be used topically to treat rashes and some skin problems. The juice of the fruit is probably too bitter to be consumed, but bitter melon leaves are used to prepare a tea, which is supposed to help in the treatment of diabetes.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that bitter melon juice is effective in treating intestinal worms. You have of course not mentioned what kind of worms you need to treat - there are several different types of intestinal worms, and the treatment for one type of intestinal worms is different from the treatment for another. Tapeworms, hookworms, and flatworms, are some of the types of worms that dwell in the human digestive system, and if you have such a parasitic infection, the treatment needs to be appropriate to the type of worms that you are suffering from.

In any case, bitter melon, or bitter melon juice, is unlikely to be helpful in treating any kind of worms. Bitter melon is indeed sometimes recommended as a traditional remedy for worms, but as yet, there is no proof that it works. If you want, you can try using this treatment for a few days, but if the symptoms of the worm infection continue even after this, you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible, and take some proven medical treatment.

For pinworms (these are probably the most common type of worms that attack humans), over the counter medication is available, and this is effective in almost all cases. There are other home remedies that you can try apart from bitter melon juice, but these too are not 100 per cent effective. It is therefore better to use proven over the counter medications, which are safe and effective. Brand names vary, but if you ask your chemist for pinworm medication (or threadworm medication), you should get what you need.

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