Can any of the intestinal worms cause bloating of the stomach?

The simple answer to your question is that yes, intestinal worms can cause bloating. As a matter of fact, bloating is one of the primary symptoms of the presence of intestinal worms. They will cause bloating of the stomach, but they will also make you lose weight. This is pretty much the rule when it comes to suffering from worms. The commonest types of intestinal worms are round worms. These can enter the body through food, unwashed and dirty hands, through the skin and nails of your feet and the food you eat. But it is important to know that intestinal worms will not be able to survive long and well in a clean system that belongs to a person who follows a good lifestyle and healthy practices. Worms can simply not survive in a clean environment. They would need plenty of life long dirty deposits inside the intestines in order to live there happily. It is also important that you get a medical examination to reveal for sure if you are suffering from the presence of intestinal worms. This will be the final step for you before you start with treatment or home remedial measures. There are plenty of remedies you can use at home for worms, and these would all work exceptionally well if used in tandem with a proper course of medication. If used by themselves, they may take longer to show results.

To begin with, castor oil is an excellent way to get rid of worms of all types. You can have a tablespoon of castor oil with a glass of comfortably hot milk first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You will actually be able to see the worms pass out of your stools. Fresh as well s dried and desiccated coconut is also very useful in treating intestinal worms. You should have as much as you can throughout the day. You should also try and stick to eating light and healthy meals that will allow you to cleanse your system and clear out eh environment, thus making it extremely difficult for the worms to survive in your intestines. Eat fruits, concentrating on things like papaya, peaches and pineapple, which will clean out your intestines beautifully. You would need to follow these methods for a whole year to ensure that you make the environment in your insides suitable enough for the worms not to enter your system again.

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