As Far As Underarm Odor, I Have Tried Alcohol, Hand Sanitizer, Natural Deodorant And Baking Soda. Please Suggest Some Natural Remedies?

Underarm body odor can be a case of extreme discomfort and social embarrassment. While underarm odor is usually common amongst people who sweat heavily it can also manifest it self in people who do not sweat much. You should never ignore underarm body odor by thinking that it is due to extremely hot weather and it will go away when the weather improves. Sometimes underarm body odor is also linked to the bad hygiene practices or consumption of certain medications which cause the perspiration to smell strange. The first step in getting rid of underarm body odor is keeping your armpits as clean and dry as possible. If you are prone to an excessive and unpleasant body odor, you should shower twice a day and change your clothes each time. Opt for cotton undergarments and clothes that allow your skin to breathe and absorb the perspiration instead of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester and rayon. After a shower you can dust some talcum powder or anti-fungal powder on your armpits. This will absorb the perspiration and prevent body odor. You can carry a packet of baby wipes with you if you are going to be out all day and periodically wipe your armpits with the wipes.

Apart from this there are several simple home remedies that help to treat the embarrassing problem of underarm body odor. You can regularly wipe your underarms with witch hazel or white vinegar since they help to inhibit body odor, more effectively than any underarm antiperspirant deodorant. Apple cider vinegar is also effective as a deodorant since it reduces the pH level of the skin thus inhibiting growth of odor producing bacteria in that region. You can also wipe your armpits with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar just after your shower. The vinegar kills the odor producing bacteria and its own strong smell fades within a few minutes thus leaving you odor free for the whole day. Baking soda rubbed onto the underarms is an excellent way to eliminate the odor. The baking soda also absorbs the perspiration leaving your armpits dry and odor free. You can prepare a natural deodorant by mixing 8 to 10 drops of essential rosemary oil in 1 oz of water in a spray can. Apart from this, you should increase your intake of parsley alfalfa and other leafy green vegetables since they help to neutralize the body odor with the help of the chlorophyll present in the leaves. The chlorophyll in wheat grass is also beneficial for body odor, so you can have 500 g of wheat grass every day in the morning with a glass of water. Drinking a cup of sage tea daily is also useful in reducing perspiration and thus body odor.

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