In which season does jaundice generally occur?

Jaundice is not a seasonal disease. Rather, it can be a manifestation of other problems and diseases. Jaundice is a problem that typically occurs when there is less secretion of bile going into the liver. This can cause the disease. Jaundice can also occur when there is a disorder of any kind associated with the liver. For example, Cirrhosis of the liver can cause jaundice to develop as a side effect. In any and all cases of jaundice, however, it is important to remember that mere home remedies will not help your situation. You will have to undergo a proper method of treatment in order to fully cure the disease. In terms of cure and medication, you should be aware that Ayurveda is a stream of medicine that actually offers medications that will remove the disease from the roots. Your best bet is to find a qualified Ayurvedic physician who will guide you thorough the entire routine of medicines, diet as well as post disease rest and relaxation methods. For it is as important to take care of your body after your jaundice is over as it is when you have the disease.

The best thing you can do for the disease at home is to work on improving your immunity. This can be done by consuming at least three doses of Indian gooseberry on a daily basis. This is the product that has the highest quotient of natural vitamin C. it will help to boost your immunity in as little as a month. It is also quite easily available in powder form in any shop that would sell organic or natural goods. In all likelihood, the dosage will also be inscribed on the packaging. Your other bet to improve immunity is to take a dose of Echinacea everyday. This is also easily available in pill form, and is considered to be a substance that will help to improve your body's immunity considerably. In terms of diet, it is absolutely essential that you refrain completely from consuming all spices and oil till you are tailed with the problem. You must only eat boiled foods and dry breads to help you to recover quickly. Sugarcane juice is also considered to be a magical healing agent in the case of jaundice. You can have plenty of sugar cane juice while down with the disease. This will not only help with healing, it will also give you strength, since it is direct sugar in your bloodstream.

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