What Causes Blood In Stools?

Melena refers to the medical condition in which blood is passed along with the stools. This could be due to problems related to the esophagus, gastro-intestinal tract or the anal region and thus treatment also varies accordingly. If the blood in stools is related to the esophageal or upper gastro-intestinal area, it is caused due to the gastric ulcers. These ulcers are usually a result of the excessively stressful life led by most people today. However other factors such as regular consumption of greasy, oily and spicy food, excessive consumption and abuse of over the counter medications, pain-killers and steroids and consumption of tobacco and betel leaves are also known to cause ulcers and inflammation of the food pipe which leads to bleeding while passing stools. People with a history of chronic alcohol consumption and smoking also suffer from the same problems. Bleeding related to intestinal problems is generally linked to food poisoning, medically known as amoebic dysentery or intestinal worms caused by bad eating habits, eating raw, unwashed food or food cooked in poor hygiene conditions. Finally, external hemorrhoids and anal fissures caused by chronic constipation can also lead to bleeding stools.

Though the treatment of blood in stools varies depending on the cause, there are some simple generic home remedies that can help you to prevent and treat this problem. It is important to avoid and treat chronic constipation problem. You should thus ensure that your diet is rich in fiber and consume plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. Avoid refined floor, opting instead for whole wheat flour. Drinking a glass of water first thing every morning is helpful in clearing the system on a regular basis. You can also mix dry ginger powder and dry senna leaves powder and put 5 gm of this mix in a glass of lukewarm water and drink this before sleeping. For external hemorrhoids, you should drink a glass of buttermilk with some salt and back pepper powder daily till the problem is cured. You can also eat ½ tsp of sesame seeds with some butter, or apply a poultice prepared with sesame seeds on this affected region. It is important to have a regular bowel movement, so try and set a routine and never suppress nature's call. Apart from this you should avoid consuming, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco in any form. A healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest and low stress levels helps to avoid this problem.

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